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The Latest in Advertising: Affiliate Marketing

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More and more people are finding ways to make money while they sleep. While it is entirely impossible to earn money without making any effort, it is possible to earn money while doing something you love. And this can be something that you’ve already been doing for a long time, like posting on social media.

Many people are earning around $10,000 every month from their posts on their personal social media accounts. This is because a new form of advertising is born, and anyone can join in on the fun. Learn what this advertising trend is all about.

What Are Different Advertising Strategies?

You can categorize advertisements according to how they make people buy a particular product or service. There is hard-sell advertising mostly done in TV commercials. The hard-sell approach is also known as in-your-face advertising. A celebrity tells you to buy this slimming tea because it has 10 benefits for the body.

On the other hand, there is a kind of advertising that doesn’t tell you to buy anything. Instead, it focuses on the effects that the product has on people. Because you want to enjoy the same benefits, you buy it. One of the oldest ways this is done is through stealth advertising. In movies, you will see the main character using a brand of lipstick. It looks pretty on her tan skin, but no line in the script tells you to buy it.

How Is Advertising Affected by the Changing Times?

Of course, advertising changed through time. Generations evolved, and advertising doesn’t have the same effect anymore. People don’t like being sold anything. In fact, millennials don’t believe and respond to advertising anymore, according to a study.

Because millennials and generation Z are digital natives, they see advertising as different. They are connected every second of the day. They believe in their friends’ testimonies, recommendations, and opinions more than what ads tell them.

In response to this shift in perspective of the new generations, advertisers had to change things up. This ushered in the birth of digital advertising hidden behind content like blog posts, YouTube videos, TikTok videos, and tweets. And since real people’s positive experience is a driving factor in making the young generation buy things, strategies like affiliate marketing are effective.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing programs let ordinary people earn by giving them an affiliate link. If you are part of an affiliate marketing program, you share content like you usually do on social media. Somewhere in that content, you share your experience with a product. And then, you say to your followers that if they want to try it, they need to click the link on your bio or in the comments.

The link leads to a product page on an e-commerce platform. Any store visit or purchase through your link will earn you a commission.

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How Do You Join an Affiliate Marketing Program?

Some companies have their in-house affiliate marketing program. Amazon is one. But, there are also affiliate marketing companies that connect you with brands. When you sign up, you choose products you want to promote among their roster. You can talk with companies that own the products so you learn more about them.

You get an affiliate ID which will help the marketing company trace your performance in promoting a product. And of course, you get the affiliate link for the product that you have chosen. The next step is to create content that promotes it. Then, you will wait to get paid.

How Do You Promote the Products?

Your method of promoting the product will depend on what you actively do on social media. If you have a well-performing blog, you can add the product banner to your blog site and write an article about it. Of course, the product has to be related to your blog niche.

If you make engaging TikTok videos, you just have to find a way to insert your product review into one of your videos naturally. The same goes for YouTube vlogs. You can create Instagram stories to tell your friends about the product that you are promoting.

The challenge in affiliate marketing is that you have to be a credible person. You have to make it look like you are not selling anything, but instead, you want to share a product that changed your life in some way. That is why it is best to promote products that you believe in. This way, you are not deceiving anyone.

Advertising changed from the hard-selling “buy X product now” tactics prevalent in television to trustworthy individuals who actually use the products in real life. By following this short guide, you can become one of the select trusted few and stake your claim in the affiliate marketing world.

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