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Pursuit of Happiness: Answering The Question About What Makes People Truly Happy

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“Am I truly happy?” This is one of life’s most important questions.

Since the beginning of time, mankind has been in constant pursuit of things that they believe will make them happy.

Money. Cars. Clothes. Jewelry. Properties. Fame. Achievements. Accolades. And a whole lot more.

Having your own home is a dream come true, but in order for you to get one, you might need to take an FHA loan to acquire a property. It’s the same thing with buying cars and having your own business. Loans help us get the things we want but it also adds to our monthly expenses.

And although being wealthy, famous, and successful are great things, there are also some downsides to them.

What we’re trying to say is while all of these things do add to our happiness, these are not the end-all and be-all of our existence.

7 Things that Truly Make People Happy

1. Special Relationships

Being in a relationship with the person that you truly love and treasure the most is a truly euphoric experience for anyone. When one is in a state of being in love, despite the occasional arguments and disagreements, and when couples are willing to work together to make the relationship blossom, one is content and satisfied in life.

2. Exercise and wellness

Exercise induces happiness in people. Scientifically, when one works out, endorphins — happy hormones — are released inside your body and interacts with your brain’s receptors that make you feel good and give you a happier disposition.

It’s the same thing when it comes to one’s wellbeing. Staying mentally and emotionally healthy — such as disengaging with toxic people, learning to be adaptable to different situations, having a grateful heart, and being content with what you have, among other things — can help make you happier in life.

3. Stress-free life

The ability to live life without any worries or stresses is one that we all wish we can have. This is why we are in constant pursuit of money because we believe that money can give us a secure future. While this is true, one’s pursuit of riches can also become the main stressor in life. Living a stress-free life means that you know how to be content and satisfied in your circumstances.

4. Having work

writing and working

Our work gives us a sense of purpose in life. It gives us opportunities not just to provide for our families’ needs but to also be a channel of blessing to others by practicing generosity. Work makes us feel valued as we continue to hone and develop our God-given talents and skills. And when we fulfill our purpose, we feel complete.

5. Having meaningful relationships

Life is not just about chasing after things that will give us financial security. It is also about finding and maintaining key relationships that will help us grow into better individuals. We all need to be around the right people that will help us truly fulfill our destiny and keep us company through life’s ups and downs.

6. Family time

Sadly, a lot of folks go after things that they believe are for the benefit of their families but they get too caught up in their hustle that they lose the ones they’re working hard for. People who have gone down this road admit that despite their wealth and fame, without their families to celebrate their successes with, life becomes meaningless.

7. Engaging in things you are passionate about

It’s easy to excel in your job if it’s something that you’re passionate about. However, not everyone is blessed with a job that they’re truly interested in and invested in. And that’s okay. This is where time for yourself comes in. Engaging in activities and hobbies that make you feel alive brings color and excitement to your life. It gives you something to look forward to once your work and other responsibilities are taken care of.

If you don’t already have a hobby, experts recommend having at least one. It is not only great at making you feel good but it also helps improve your mental health.

We hope that in your pursuit of happiness, you don’t take for granted the simple things because, in reality, these are the ones that bring meaning and joy to our existence, not wealth, material things, fame, and power.

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