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Make Your Bathroom Experience High-tech in 2021

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Many trends are gaining momentum in 2021 because of the pandemic, and high-tech toilets are some of them. It’s not only because the world is slowly getting back to normal and there’s an increased need for safer commercial facilities. Society, in general, has just experienced the horrifying effect of poor sanitation and hygiene. Now, more people are aware of the dangers of unclean surfaces and high traffic utilities, even at home.

To prevent a rerun of 2020, people turn to technology to provide the solution for more convenient and contactless bathroom features. If you’re not sure where to start your bathroom shopping venture, here are some of the most relevant and innovative ideas that deserve to be on your list.

Touchless Toilets

Many people didn’t expect that they’d ever need toilet lids that open and close by themselves until the pandemic hit. Even at home, where you and your adult children could be exposed to the virus during workdays can benefit from taking the extra measure. Commercial places like hotels, restaurants, and malls, however, will be the ones that will benefit most from this feature. You can also get ones that flush when you wave at the sensor instead of those that automatically do so whenever it detects any movement. It’ll give people the peace of mind to answer nature’s call when they have to.

Of course, no innovation can impress people so much that they’ll be willing to overlook the absence of a toilet bidet. Find alternative ways to keep them sanitized between each use either by having maintenance nearby or making sanitation equipment available in each cubicle.

More functional drawers

The dilemma of towels that are still damp from your last shower or are scattered everywhere now has a solution. Towel warming drawers will give you the perfect storage while keeping your favorite microfabric towel crisp and hot enough for drying off. Who says the joy of a nice long shower has to end once you step out of a shower?

When your towels are toasty, and no longer has that mildewy odor you hate, it’s more convenient to thoroughly pat yourself dry and enjoy your time in front of the mirror doing your skincare routine. There’s also the added factor of comfort since warmth soothes the muscles. With all the troubles you have encountered since the pandemic, this little luxury is a nice way to help you unwind before heading to work or going to bed.

More Glass, Same Privacy

Nothing beats natural light in improving the mood of a room and making you feel more awake. The only thing stopping you from replacing your bathroom walls with glass is, well, the awkward situations it will invite. But what if you can maintain your privacy while letting in more scenic sights and natural light? Enter privacy glass. It’s been a thing of news outlets since it was invented, but now it’s becoming more a part of people’s lives than an instrument for pranks.

Installing privacy glass is a great way to welcome sunlight into your bathroom while you’re styling your hair or doing your makeup. Of course, with a social-media-crazed generation, the best part is always the great lighting for your Instagram selfies. Who’s to judge when the pandemic has made people’s virtual lives more essential?

Digital Controls for Your Shower

shower head

If you’re looking for a valid reason to have digital controls for your shower, then bank on the increased need for better mental health. Society has achieved an all-time high in stress levels since the outbreak, and experts are encouraging people to find ways to relax and be happy. For many people, the solution is taking a nice shower in style, complete with customizable shower preferences. The next time you feel like taking a bath to destress, select the preference that leads you to a peaceful state and shower away.

Water-resistant Speakers

Why should your relaxation and enjoyment stop at digitally controlled showers? Up the fun and convenience by installing high-quality speakers that you don’t have to protect from water and steam. Music is one of the most popular and effective means of escapism, and it remains a top choice in setting the ambiance you need for the moment.

Upgrading Your Bathroom Experience

Bathroom technology has stepped up its game in the last couple of months alone, and more of these innovations are available to the public. Upgrading your bathroom experience isn’t just about looking cool. It’s also a great way to improve your sanitation standards and create a safe and happy place for self-care.

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