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Basic Housekeeping for the Office: 4 Things You Need to Know

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There’s nothing more important than keeping office affairs in order, and I’m not just talking about the bills. The key to keeping your house in order is cleanliness and organization. Everything starts in your office, and you can’t expect to do well at work if you can’t keep it clean. Cleanliness is so important that experts say that clutter and disorganization can increase anxiety and stress.

It shouldn’t surprise that the simple act of cleaning can improve our state of mind. Many people put off cleaning because they imagine it as a stressful activity, only to realize that doing the dishes or wiping down desks can be helpful or even therapeutic. That said, many people still fail to keep their offices clean and organized.

Inaction often stems from fear. Some people are afraid to clean because they were never taught how to do it properly. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a professional cleaner to keep your office clean and presentable. Here are a few things you need to do to get you started.

1. Use what you already have

Some people go all out when starting something new. If that something new is housekeeping, you don’t have to drop serious cash for new cleaning equipment and rags for sale. You probably already have what you need to keep your office clean. Many household cleaning agents can be recreated using common ingredients and chemicals.

You can get started with items often found in pantries and cabinets like baking soda, white vinegar, olive oil, and hydrogen peroxide. You can also supplement them with natural scents such as fruits, herbs, and plant extracts.

Keep in mind that these items will allow you to perform basic cleaning jobs such as removing stains and deodorizing musty rooms. But if you need anything stronger, a proper cleaning agent is your best bet.

2. Buy good cleaning tools

The quality of your clean is only as good as your tools. If you want to take your cleaning skills to the next level, you need to invest in the right tools. Make sure you have a good set of brooms, brushes, and mops. You’ll also need a lot of sponges and microfiber cloths. Always keep extras in the closet for deep cleans and heavy-duty jobs.

If there’s one thing you need to have lots of, it’s microfiber cloths. Paper napkins tear easily and tend to scratch surfaces, while rags don’t last nearly as long. Microfiber cloths are soft, easy to clean, and highly absorbent. You can clean spills and stains with some water, soap, and a microfiber cloth. Best of all, microfiber doesn’t leave scuff marks behind, ensuring that surfaces remain spotless.

3. Make use of natural air

Cleaning can be easier if you make use of the tools around you. You can even let the natural world lend a helping hand. The air tends to become stale indoors. You might want to open the windows when cleaning. You’ll need circulating air to prevent chemical fumes from staying in one place. Flowing air also reduces humidity, which can help prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Make it a point to open the windows, even when you’re not cleaning. If you don’t replace the air inside your home, odors could linger and the dust could trigger allergies. Always check the weather before airing out your home, however. For instance, you may not want to open the windows during the pollen season.

4. Use oil to polish surfaces

You don’t need to buy wax or liquid polish to keep wooden surfaces shiny. Just use the olive oil in your pantry. Go to any store and look at the polish for sale. Chances are, there’s going to be oil in the ingredients. Why buy expensive cleaners when you already have the ingredients in your pantry?

The process for polishing wood is the same, whether you’re doing countertops, dinner tables, or the floor. Start by using a water and vinegar solution to remove any dirt and grime from the wooden surface. Once the surface is sufficiently clean, apply a mixture of oil and citrus juice as polish. You’ll want to use a clean piece of cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth, during the cleaning and polishing.

A final word

With the right tools and knowledge, you can keep your office clean and organized. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money on expensive cleaners since you already have everything you need. Turn it into a regular habit, and you’ll have no problem keeping any space clean and spotless.

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