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Ivory Library: The Best Reading Materials to Put in Your Bathroom

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Going to the bathroom is a fact of life, and inevitably you’re going to be spending a lot of time sitting on the toilet. According to one study, a normal person will spend approximately 30 minutes in the bathroom every day. Instead of using that time to browse through your phone, like 90 percent of the population, why not use that half hour to enrich your mind.

Stock your bathroom with a mini library, easily accessible from the ivory seat, of course. Here are some suggestions on what reading material you can put on your new bathroom bookshelf.

  1. Magazines

Magazines are the most popular form of toilet reading, although the type of magazine differs between the sexes. Males primarily prefer to read racy magazines, followed by men’s publications and works on gardening. Women prefer interior design publication, with entertainment industry magazines and fashion-focused works as the next choice.

You don’t even have to subscribe to these publications to put them in your bathroom. Simply pick up backorder issues from local bookstores or comb the shelves of convenience stores and groceries.

  1. Word Puzzles

Engage the mind of bathroom users by putting a selection of puzzles next to the toilet. You can supply simple crossword pamphlets. Or you can spice things up a bit by stocking more complex choices, such as double-crostics or Sudoku. You can also try word fill-ins from a puzzle book, which are interesting variations on the normal crossword instructions.

Don’t forget to put a pencil or pen nearby, so people can solve these puzzles.

  1. Paperback Novels

Unwieldy hardbound books have no place in a bathroom. Instead, put a small stack of paperback novels that you can easily flip through. Cultivate a nice selection of genres, from romance to fantasy, so your bathroom guests have a wide selection.

Alternatively, you can get books from a genre you don’t normally read. Are you curious about thrillers? Now you can head on to the nearest secondhand bookshop and start buying additions for your ivory library. Being on the toilet will compel you to read these books you usually won’t even bother opening.

  1. Coffee Table Books

If you want to have a visual experience but still learn something while in the bathroom, don’t watch videos on your phone. Instead, put a few coffee table books on a nice shelf. Explore the works of famous painters and photographers, or enjoy pictures of exotic locales. There are enough kinds of coffee table books to match any or all of your interests.

  1. Newspaper

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Keep in touch with current events the old-fashioned way with a copy of the day’s newspaper. Make sure to staple the pages together to prevent them from spilling out of order. And don’t just leave it on top of the reservoir; fold it nicely over a towel rack for easy organization and presentation.

Every second of your life counts, don’t flush them away on activities that won’t enrich you. You can use the 30 minutes you spend in the bathroom more meaningfully by putting the right reading materials within reach.

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