Chic and Sustainable: Designing an Environmentally Friendly Office

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The world has been changing in the past few decades. Destructive human activities have been changing the landscapes and altering the climate. Thankfully, more and more concerned citizens are advocating different sustainable practices to preserve Mother Earth’s health. In an attempt to do the same, many businesses and corporate offices have been embracing green practices as far as workplace design is concerned. Many architects and interior designers have acknowledged the practical benefits of green design.

If you are renting a new office in Biltmore and you want to incorporate green practices, there are some principles that you need to take into account. You need to make sure that the elements you will put within the space will be in sync with each other. The overall design should also promote the interaction between humans and nature. If you are looking for a streamlined guide, here are some of the things you may want to take note of:

Let the natural light in

Gone are the days when offices are entirely dependent on artificial lightings, such as fluorescent lights, even if it is daytime. The green movement has inspired lots of offices and companies to use natural light. This will keep you from using too much electricity through the use of light bulbs; you can use them during the evening. However, make sure that you have big windows, and these windows have a layer that filters the ultraviolet rays.

Pick recycled office materials

The contents of your office—from the furniture to some of your machinery—should be in line with the theme. This means that you should go for recycled materials. Reclaimed and repurposed materials from your old inventories can be utilized. It would also be wise to buy your furniture and equipment locally to reduce costs.

Install energy-efficient appliances

You surely want to lower down your energy costs. After all, minimal usage of electricity is good for the environment. In this regard, you may want to let go of your old equipment and appliances that use a lot of energy. Instead, install newer appliances. Modern appliances are designed to perform efficiently without requiring too much energy.

Advocate the “green” behavior

Open office setup with employees working

Having a green office is one thing; having employees that understand this philosophy is another. You can promote green living in your workplace by educating them first. Encourage them to let go of plastic and implement rules that will keep them from wasting water and electricity. Do this without forcing it on them.

Green is in, especially in the corporate world. The eco-friendly and sustainable design of your office will not only help you keep Mother Earth in good condition, but it will also help boost your employees’ productivity. A green office is often comfortable and can comfortably accommodate the needs of the employees. And this benefit alone will help inspire your team members to be effective and efficient. To get the most optimal design, it is recommended that you work with a reliable architectural firm or an interior design company.

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