The world has been changing in the past few decades. Destructive human activities have been changing the landscapes and altering the climate. Thankfully, more and

Jewelry store interior

Jewelry is a timeless gift. People prefer these precious accessories because of their aesthetic value and elegance. Also, they hold a lot of emotions from

Business Areas

When you build a business from scratch, you need all the resources you can get to market your brand and products or services. Distributing marketing

woman going through an ecommerce site

Plug-and-play platforms such as Shopify allow millions of small startups to have their own online stores. You don’t have to be a web developer or

billboard along the highway

Traditional advertising isn’t dead. It is very much alive. It surrounds us. It is at the core of every advertising method we can think of—digital

debt concept

Credit cards and “buy now, pay later” programs can easily tempt anyone to use their credits without a second thought. “Retail therapy” is also another

accounting concept

Sudbury city councilors have proposed a tax increase of 3.4 percent come 2020. Higher taxes will converge will higher fuel costs, taking bigger bites off

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