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Why Brand Intimacy Matters and Four Ways to Do It Right

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What does it take to grab your target audience’s attention, keep them engaged, and encourage them to take action? It is your high-priced commercials showing them why they need your products? Is it through lengthy blog posts enumerating the perks of your services? Or is it based on your numerous advertisements on social media? All these will only make sense if you can connect with your customers at an emotional level.

If you take a look at what successful brands have in common, that is their ability to craft an emotional connection with the consumers. If you’re able to hit a soft spot and make them feel that you understand their needs, more people are more likely to buy from. Why? The reason is since the thing that drives consumers to make a buying-decision is their emotions.

By building brand intimacy, you’re using emotions to drive more customers to like your brand. But how does one create an emotional connection with your audience?

Identify your buyer’s persona

Just because you’ve got rivals targeting a certain population doesn’t mean that it is your ideal clientele. No matter how alike two companies are, there will be differences that need to be explored. Take social media advertisements, for example. By hiring a Tampa digital marketing agency, they can help you identify your buyer’s persona to ensure the success of your social media ads. Knowing what drives your target audience to buy will help you create the emotional connection needed to build brand awareness and intimacy.

Customize your communication strategies based on your customer profiles

If you’re familiar with the four communication styles, you’ll find it easier to connect with your consumers on an emotional level. Be an analytical communicator if your customers like facts and data. If they hate details and want you to be straight to the point, then think like an intuitive communicator. Functional communicators don’t like missing any detail, so communicate in a step-by-step manner. If your audience is a personal communicator, then start valuing connection and emotional language.

Always show your authenticity

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What sets you apart from your competitors? Is it your awesome products, quality service, or your outstanding customer service? All of your effort to improve these three areas of your business will go to waste if you fail to show consumers that you are an authentic brand that understands their needs. Find ways to show off your brand’s distinctiveness. Connect to them at a personal level and let these show in your ads and posts.

Share stories and encourage your customers to share as well

Nowadays, storytelling plays a significant role in scoring more consumers to like your brand. Tell them a story, showing that you understand their biggest problems. Subtly incorporate your product, and you can build a strong tradition with your audience. Don’t forget to encourage your followers to share their stories as well. Share these to your social media account and website and let your customers have their moment in the spotlight.

It is true that it can be quite hard to connect to your customers on an emotional level. But to stay relevant, this is the best way to drive more consumers to like and become loyal to your brand. Be the business that does not only understand your customers’ needs but one that is dedicated to making them feel valued and appreciated.

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