More than a Slice: 3 Interesting Ways to Eat Bread

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The food industry is always active. After all, eating is a necessity of life. The industry has its share of trends that come and go. But if you play your cards right, you can make yourself a business that can last for a long time. So when a sandwich shop franchise opportunity presents itself, you should at least consider it.

Bread is essential to a sandwich. It is the vessel for your meats, sauces, and vegetables and lets you eat without any utensils. If packed correctly, it can absorb the oils and sauces of the dish, making for a cleaner eating experience. But how do you eat your bread? You probably are dipping it in coffee or soup. Or you may choose to go the popular route and grab a jar of spread and slather some on each slice. These are common ways to eat bread, and there are also interesting ones. Have a gander at them.

Bread Bowls

Hollow out a round loaf of bread to make yourself a bread bowl. That is mostly seen in restaurants and used to serve soups or stews. The bread should be hard enough to contain its fillings, or else it will disintegrate and spill everything. The liquid contents should also be thick so that they don’t seep out easily.

It’s fun to eat soup in a bread bowl. You can take the cover and dip it there. While you are consuming the soup, you can eat away the bread and enjoy the flavors its walls have absorbed. When you are done with the soup, you are left with the bottom. It will be soaked on top, but the bottom crust should still be crunchy enough to provide a contrasting texture to its sogginess. Very little of the soup is wasted here.

ice cream sandwich

Not Your Usual Ice Cream Sandwich

The Philippines has its own version of ice cream called sorbetes. The person selling it is the sorbetero, and they would walk the streets, pushing a two-wheeled cart that carries the goods. Usual flavors are cheese, chocolate, and purple yam. The sorbetero attracts customers by ringing a bell. The product will have its demand at the highest during the summer season. It’s common to see a small group of kids and adults huddled around the cart, with each one eagerly waiting for their turn to order.

The sorbetero will give you the option to serve the sorbetes in a plastic cup or a cone. But there is another one that could be unconventional to some — bread. Yes, you can have the ice cream put inside bread buns. It is not your ordinary ice cream sandwich.

Donut Burgers

How can you imagine a burger without its buns? The answer: replace them with donuts. You might think this is cheating because of the lack of bread in this dish, but it’s debatable. Some people view donuts as bread. If you’re one who finds the contrast in food appealing, this is for you. It combines the syrupy sweetness of donuts with the savoriness of its meat patty.

Bread is a reliable food that is always there when you get hungry. Just get a couple of slices and some spread, and you have yourself a quick meal. It’s nice to see it branching out to interesting territories.

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