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Unbeatable Craft Beer and Chow for the Superbowl

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It’s Superbowl season again, and that means getting the beer and chow ready to go with the game. When the first pulse-racing games kick off, you’ll want to ready the most delectable dishes to go with your favorite ice-cold craft beer. Here are 8 savory suggestions to go with your crafted cold ones.

Beef Nachos

No Super Bowl party would be complete without one of America’s favorite Mexican import, nacho chips. A large bowl with hearty ground beef mixed in, along with a lot of melted cheese on top is a great way to enjoy the game. Don’t forget the refried beans, and add a big jar of Mexican salsa and/or a bowl of guacamole to round out this excellent aperitif.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are forever a staple at Super Bowl games whether you’re at the stadium or watching from home on a large-screen TV. When Super Bowl 53 was held at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, officials there reported that spectators in attendance consumed 16,300 hot dogs and chugged 117,400 beers. Expect it to be no different in the next Super Bowl. Heat up the grill and roast some hot dogs and don’t forget the buns. You can add chopped onions, chili and mustard for more spice. After grilling the wieners, you can also make corn dogs out of them.


If you’re going to brew your own IPA for the game, better stock up on a lot of Mandarina Bavaria. For a different twist, whip up a big batch of green or red curry. Make it with beef, fish, chicken or vegetables, and don’t forget to put in big chunks of potatoes. What’s great about making your own curry is you can make it as spicy (or not spicy) as you like. Either way, enjoy this with your favorite IPA, and a dollop of spicy mango chutney.

Veggie Sticks

Surprise! Matchstick-like stalks of carrots, cucumbers, and celery make for great craft beer chow. A blonde ale pairs well with this vegetarian fare. Serve it along with your dip of choice, which could be French onion dip or sour cream with a few spices.


This Mediterranean snack pairs sublimely with a good stout. The smooth, nutty taste and garlic-filled flavor complements the stout’s heartiness and malty notes. Have a bottle of extra virgin olive oil to top the hummus, and serve with toasted pita bread wedges.


Popcorn is a solid choice for a Super Bowl Party, but be sure to get the stove-top variety and cut down on the microwave popcorn to minimize the risk of getting popcorn lung. Pair a blonde ale with butter-laden popcorn, have a malty amber with caramel popcorn, or have a pale ale with cheese powder-sprinkled popcorn. Don’t hesitate to make your own kind of popcorn by mixing in spices like thyme and cumin.


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Who can have a Super Bowl party without pizza? Order your pies from the fast food staples, or give your friendly neighborhood pizza parlor a call. If you have an oven, make your own pies with pre-made pizza crusts, sauce, mozzarella cheese and toppings from the store. Note that an American Amber or Brown Ale pairs best with pizza’s cheesy goodness.

The food that goes great with your favorite craft beer are mainly comprised of all-time favorites, but exotic fare like veggie sticks and curries have also made the list. This is because the uniqueness and huge variety of flavors of craft beer encourage experimentation with food pairings. Whether or not it’s Super Bowl season, try as many food pairings as you can—doing so will further enrich your craft beer drinking experience.

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