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Rid Yourself of These 5 Bad Habits that Can Ruin Your Car

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Cars are a life-changing investment. As soon as you drive away from the car lot, you’d probably want to drive all over the country. Take it from New York to the Grand Canyon to Los Angeles. Or probably just go to a drive-thru and order a burger. With the utility, convenience and comfort it brings, you’d want your car to stand the test of time. But if you continue these bad, negligent habits, you end up forsaking that goal.

Speeding Through Potholes and Speed Bumps

Compared to that flighty feeling you may feel when you sped through a speed bump, going through potholes is the worst. Sometimes they’re unavoidable, hidden and blending with the road. On good days, it might just shake you up. On bad days, it can damage your wheels, mess with your suspension or break your car’s alignment. Haphazardly driving through potholes or even speed bumps can cost a lot in terms of insurance and repairs. As much as possible, avoid them or slow down to reduce the burden on your wheels and suspension when you go through unavoidable potholes.

Leaving Your Car at Mother Nature’s Mercy

Sometimes it’s inevitable to leave your car outside. Maybe you only have the street as a parking space or maybe your garage isn’t cutting it. Exposing your car to the elements makes your vehicle prone to damage by various means. Accrued dust may scratch the glass or paint, same goes for ice and snow. Branches may fall on your windshield during a windy day. Human stupidity can also fall upon your vehicle. Even the sun can damage your car. Make sure to use a car cover or call an expert who does garage door installation in Salt Lake City or wherever you are to properly protect your car.

Ignoring the Warning Lights

The warning lights won’t go away. They’re installed on your car’s dashboard for a reason. Even if you put electrical tape on them, the underlying problem is still there. Don’t ignore your car when it’s warning you of a possible malfunction. Change your car’s oil or battery when necessary. If the Check Engine light is blinking, take it to the mechanic. Even a trivial-looking problem might cause significant damage if you don’t have it looked up.

Not Driving Your Car Enough

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When you leave your car sitting for too long without taking it occasionally, it may cause some problems. Critters and other small animals might make a home out of your car’s nooks and crannies. Your car’s battery might get drained or die out. Gas inside your car may become stale, meaning it has degraded. It can ruin your car’s engine if you still try to use the stale gas. Always try to bring your car out every once in a while to keep things running in good condition.

Carrying Too Much Weight

While sometimes it’s unavoidable to put a lot of things inside your car, always remember to keep it as light as possible. Moving, for example, puts a lot of stress onto the car because you have to make sure everything is intact. Instead of letting it suffer from all the weight of your baggage, rent a utility trailer or have your things moved by a moving company. Only bring the essentials.

Your car can only take so much abuse from the simple bad habits that you have. Break them as soon possible to improve your car’s lifespan.

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