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Planning a Wedding: The Things You Should Never Scrimp On

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Throwing a big celebration, especially a wedding, can be expensive. However, while you might want to look for the cheapest suppliers and possibly lower the overall cost, there are things that you should never skimp on. Here are the wedding essentials that are worth the splurge:

Video and Photography

You would not realize the importance of hiring a professional wedding videographer and photographer until after the ceremony. Unfortunately, in this case, you get the service you paid for. If you spend a little more of your budget to hire a professional, you will get a photographer who understands lighting and angles as well as a videographer who can capture every magical moment down to the smallest details. Your wedding video and photos will be the only physical mementos that you get to keep after the ceremony and cherish for the rest of your life. You do not want an amateur to be documenting your special day.

Hair and Makeup

An experienced hair and makeup artist will know what look suits your features and the vibe you want for your wedding. They will also know which products would not smudge when the ceremony inevitably becomes emotional or keep every strand in place when you hit the dance floor during the reception. Many things will happen during your big day. A professional hair and makeup artist will ensure that you would look your best throughout the wedding.


You will be walking down the aisle and then dancing at the reception. You would not want to wear a pair of shoes that would hurt your feet. A good pair of shoes might be expensive, but if it will be comfortable to wear for a whole afternoon then it is worth the cost.


You do not have to wear an expensive designer wedding dress, but choose something that fits you perfectly. If you need to, spend a little to get your dress altered or, better yet, get a dress tailored based on your exact measurements and your personality.


The venue you chose will set the tone of your wedding so, instead of going big on decorations, go for a better venue. Even venues that are low-cost or free, like your family home, could cost more if you include the decorations needed to spruce up the space and make it ready to welcome your guests. A venue that does not need to have lavish decorations and can offer everything you need, including tables and chairs, might be a better value.

Wedding Planner

picking a brides gown

Many things can go wrong on your wedding day, but you are the bride, so you should not be the one dealing with it all. Shell a few more money to hire a wedding planner who can prevent mishaps from happening and deal with the nightmare of creating a sitting chart, contacting suppliers, and take care of every single detail so you can focus on having fun. A wedding planner can give you the perfect wedding you have always dreamed of.

Having a wedding planner will also allow you to plan your post wedding activities such as going on your honey moon or how to change your surname after marriage.

Of course, you do not have to spend a fortune to get married. However, if going for the cheaper option might cause a bigger headache in the future, then spending a bit more is always worth it. It is your wedding after all; you will be cherishing these moments for the rest of your life.

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