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Old Methods Still Work: Marketing Tactics That are Still Effective

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The digital age touches various parts of our lives. So it is not surprising that businesses are moving towards online marketing. But business owners should not forget about old-school marketing tactics. Even though they are not high-tech in nature, they can also be very effective.

Here are some offline marketing techniques that your company can use to connect with potential customers:

Send Out Mailers

Traditional or direct mail marketing was once one of the most popular marketing options out there. This was because it allowed companies to send information to people who are likely to become customers. Many of these people only need a little push to use the company’s services. With direct mailing, your company gets to present what you have to offer in a complete package.

There are still companies out there that offer a catalog of products in their mailers, which is a great way to gain sales. The approach has some updates for the digital age, with links and QR codes, but the results are still good for those who use it. The great thing about it is that it is only slightly more expensive than e-mail marketing. It may not be free like e-mail, but a few cents on each mail out can be worth it with the large return on investment.

Personalize With Account-Based Marketing

When most people think of personalized marketing, they think of only placing a specific name on an email. That is only a small bit of it though. For true personal attention, you have to look at what old-school salespeople did with their regular clients. Every client they sold to got an account and all their marketing efforts started from that.

Companies record all their sales to a client and then tailor future deals to them. For example, a customer always buys a particular product every month at a set amount. Offering them a discount for a month ensures their loyalty. If your agent also throws in additional offers and products, they might buy more from you. Long-term sales are always great for a company and personalized offers and deals will be a big help.

Billboards and Signs


People still go out nowadays, either for work or pleasure. That is why billboards and signs can still be a big seller. A gigantic billboard can be hard to ignore. Especially if you work with expert designers who can make it as interesting as possible. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, signage is a great way to indicate you are there and welcoming customers. This can draw in street traffic which you can turn into a sale.

Coupons and Cards

Loyalty cards and coupons are a great way to keep people buying or have them buy. Coupons give customers a discount on their initial purchase and the slight discount is worth the sale. Loyalty cards are better since people need multiple purchases to get the reward. In the long run, both promos will earn you more money despite the discount.

The internet has an undeniable reach but there is something to be said about the physical touch. That is why old-school marketing techniques still have their appeal. Try some of the approaches above and see how it works for your company. You may get a pleasant surprise as your customers feel a higher level of connection with you.

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