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Most Common HVAC Problems and How to Deal With It

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Many HVAC problems are quite uncomplicated and straightforward. They can be resolved by cleaning the filters of the system. Sometimes, however, the problem is a bit more complicated.

Like any other complicated technical system, an HVAC system has a lot of components and parts. If one of those parts is damaged, then that can affect the whole system. For example, the centrifugal pumps used in HVAC systems are used for pumping fluids throughout the system. These pumps use up most of the power in an HVAC system, and their malfunctioning will cause the whole system to break down.

HVAC Problems You Should Know About

Here are some of the most common HVAC problems which you should know about:

Dirty Filters

This is probably the most common HVAC problem. A dirty filter restricts the flow of air through the system. This means that it cannot function to its full potential. The unit will have a hard time running, and it will become inefficient when it comes to its consumption of energy.

Mechanical Components Malfunction

There are several mechanical components within an HVAC system. Mechanical parts include the belts and bearings, and the problem with those is that they are prone to wear and tear. Eventually, those parts are going to break down, and the whole system will be affected.

Thermostat Problems

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Sometimes, the HVAC system is working correctly, and it’s just that thermostat that is malfunctioning. So, if you notice that the HVAC is not working correctly, you might want to check on the thermostat first and make sure that it is on the right setting first. Some programmable thermostats are also equipped with batteries, and you will need to replace those when they are run out of charge.

Unusual Noises

No HVAC system is completely silent. But if you notice that your system is making more than the usual noise, that might be a sign that the system has a problem and is not working properly. You should not ignore the sign and have it checked right away. It’s a symptom that there is a more serious problem.

Tripped Breakers

The most common reason for the HVAC system to trip its breaker is when the blower is being overworked. When something is hindering the flow of air through the system, then that can cause the blower to work harder than usual. That causes an increase in the energy consumption of the blower and will cause the breaker to trip.

Dirty Condensers

If you notice that your AC unit is not cooling the air as it should be, then that might be a case of dirty condensers. This is why regular cleaning is essential for your HVAC system and even refrigerators. The condensers must be free from dirt and debris to work properly.


If your HVAC system is leaking a lot of water, then that’s an indication that your system has a problem. That’s usually an indication that drain lines are blocked.

These are just some of the issues that your HVAC system might face. By familiarizing yourself with these problems, you can resolve them more efficiently, or at least you can get help from professionals as soon as possible.

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