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Encourage App Downloads with These Smart Marketing Techniques

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Look, at the most, your smartphone will have 256 GB of storage space. That’s enough for your apps, photos, music, and videos. But even though it is easier to expand your phone’s memory (except if you own an iPhone), most smartphone users are a bit selfish about their storage space. Meaning to say, they don’t download every app they can find in the store. They have to truly need the app for them to download it.

This is the challenge for every business owner. It is critical to have an app in a mobile-first era, and it is even more important to encourage downloads once the app is available. The app itself enhances the customer’s experience. It provides useful information to the customers. Moreover, business owners and Android app developers can add a feature in the app that will allow customers to personalize it depending on their preferences.

Market It Upfront

Most of the time, customers don’t know that you have an existing app. Market it upfront. You don’t have to be secretive about the app. Every business needs an app, so make a big thing about launching the app and encouraging customers to download it. You need not be stealthy about marketing it because it will increase the number of people aware of your business. How can you do this? Send your existing customers an email about the app.

Make Yours Count

Too many apps are being developed for the sake of having an app. Add value to your app by providing additional services to your customers. Sure, you already have an e-commerce shop. Do you know what’s better? Letting your customers shop from the app. These two can co-exist. Those who don’t want to download the app can shop from your e-commerce store, while those who are generous enough with their phone’s storage space can download the app.

Provide Incentives

There’s nothing like incentives to make customers want to download the app. What incentives are these? For example, you can give them a $10 voucher when they download the app and sign up for a membership. You can also offer better deals and discount codes in the app. Customers love incentives, no matter how small or big they are, so maximize that power.

Send a Text Message About It

A text message can easily encourage your customers to download the app. Why? Because all they have to do is to click on the link, leading them to the app store. Emails are different. They may check their emails on their laptops. Unless your app is compatible with a MacBook or any other laptop, they won’t be able to download it directly from the link. That’s a lost opportunity because it’s unlikely they’ll recheck an email they’ve already opened.

Offer New Perspectives

Customers are not likely to research your brand. They’ll form their own opinions based on what they see on social media. The app is an opportunity for you to give customers an insightful look into your brand. That is the main selling point of your app. Ask customers to download it because they can learn something new about your brand. If your organization is interesting enough, they might just take you up in your offer.

Prioritize the Mobile Experience

Put primary on the app than the website. Make sure that your customers will get more from the app than the website. Remember that they’re giving you space in their phone when they download the app, so pay that back with better deals, coupons, trial offers, and many more. Make the app the heart and soul of your business, and you will never go wrong.

Write About It on Your Blog

Surely, you have a blog about your brand. You don’t need a new post every day. A couple of blog posts every week are good enough to market your brand. Talk about the app there and what customers can get from downloading it. Even though your blog site may not be as popular as some bloggers and influencers, you lose nothing by talking about something important for your business.

Design It Well

Make sure the app isn’t going to crash. Nothing is more annoying for customers than seeing the app and their phone crash. They will immediately delete the app, thinking that it has a virus or something. Don’t confuse your customers with crashing apps. Design it well, so that they will have a good experience using it.

Sustain the interest in your app by regularly updating it, making sure it has all the security features an app needs. Make the app the biggest thing in your marketing strategy. Focus on it. Nurture it. Apps are the future of e-commerce. There’s no getting around that fact.

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