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Marketing Strategies for Independent Insurance Agents

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The role of an insurance agent has evolved in recent years. Long gone are the days when insurance agents only provide quotes for health insurance. Today, these representatives strive to meet the needs of their clients by offering an array of products sourced from different insurance companies.

As an independent agent, you can drive business, create new opportunities and ultimately, increase sales by using the right marketing tactics. If you are new to the game and are looking to expand your client network, the marketing strategies you use can make or break your professional career.

If you need help promoting your insurance business, consider the following marketing suggestions:

Establish a Solid Presence on the Web

People who are interested in getting insurance for themselves use a search engine to find the product they need. As an insurance agent, your business needs to be searchable, which means that customers will be able to find you when they search using Google and other search engine sites.

One suggestion you can follow is to create an optimized and informative insurance website. Alternatively, you can make an agent profile on popular social networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. If you need assistance with these tasks, consider enlisting the help of an SEO specialist or a social media expert.

Be Social Media Savvy

It’s not enough that you have a profile on well-known social media platforms. You need to use Facebook and other social networking sites to engage followers, as well as publish well-written ads to attract interested insurance customers.

Don’t allow your social media profile or page to become dormant. If your target audience does not see anything on your page, they will quickly become disinterested and move on to a different profile. So, make sure that your professional profiles are active. Once in a while, consider posting on your Facebook page and provide updates about your insurance products. If your followers have questions or concerns, make sure to promptly respond to them.

Embrace Content Marketing

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The adage “Content is king” still holds today. As an independent insurance agent, your website and social media page need eye-catching and persuasive content. By conveying the message clearly and promoting your brand effectively, you make understanding your products easy for your target market.

If you’re going to write content, remember that basic posts, such as the benefits of insurance, may not be enough. You want to publish stuff that’s interesting and adds value to the reader.

When thinking of what to write, focus on meaningful content that apply to clients who are going through different life phases. An example is writing about the importance of insurance for new families. You can make the content more informative by adding statistics and recent studies to back up your claims.

Creating a website and a social media profile, using social networking sites effectively, and doing content marketing are great marketing strategies to help you stand out from the sea of independent insurance agents and let you connect with the right target market.

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