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How Businesses Can Keep Parking Lots Safe

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The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requires companies to provide a healthy and safe workplace. Keeping the office healthy and safe has become more important during the pandemic. But many business owners don’t realize that this isn’t limited to the areas inside the office. It also includes the garage and parking lot of the company.

While many parking lot accidents result from distracted driving, this doesn’t take away the importance of keeping it safe. Here are some tips business owners can consider in ensuring the parking lot is safe.

Use Clear Signage

Since it’s easy to drive in the wrong direction inside a parking lot, companies should mark entrances and exits properly. They should use paint easily seen from afar to identify areas where one-way or two-way traffic is permitted. Similarly, signs should also be used to identify pedestrian cross walks, handicap spaces, and lanes for emergency vehicles.

The landscape and signs should also be set up to avoid blocking the vision of the driver. If the company offers a shuttle bus, the drop-off and pick-up areas should also be marked properly. In addition to using easy-to-see signs, business owners should also reinforce proper driving etiquette in the parking lot with the employees. An email or even a meeting can do wonders in this aspect.

Install Handrails

Installing secure handrails gives pedestrians something to hold on to while walking up and down the stairs or ramps. The handrails should be stable and at a height that’s useful to the pedestrians. The edge of the steps should also be properly marked so that people will see where each step ends and where a new step begins.

In addition to installing handrails, the business owner should make sure all paths and walkways are free of obstructions. This means there should be no debris, rocks, poles, or anything that can cause pedestrians to fall or trip. Like the stairs, it is also important to mark curbs and level changes in the parking lot so its users can easily see them.

Secure the Premises

Parking lots can be scenes of different crimes, including theft from cars and theft of the car itself. This is particularly true in parking lots where there’s no security personnel assigned to them. With this, a business owner may want to consider getting paid guards to secure the premises.parking lot in the day

If the cost of hiring security personnel is too high for the company, then it should ensure the place is well-lighted. Access to the parking should also be limited to the employees or customers of the company. Limiting access can be done using control technology at the entrance of the parking lot.

Maintain the Parking Lot

Maintaining the parking lot is another way to keep it safe for everyone to use. This will require regular checking of the parking lot and repainting signs whenever necessary. The business owner can also contact an asphalt crack repair company to seal cracks or fill in potholes to prevent accidents.

To ensure the parking lot is well-maintained, the company should include parking lot maintenance in its annual budget. The budget should include all the necessary expenses to keep the parking lot safe and secure.

Provide Suitable Lighting

Safety in the parking lot will greatly improve if it is well-lighted. A well-lighted parking lot will reduce the risk of injuries, theft, and property damage. Business owners should check exterior lighting, particularly areas close to the entrance and the back of the building. Additionally, shrubs or trees should not block any lighting fixtures in the parking lot.

Business owners have the responsibility of keeping the workplace safe and secure. But employees can also do their part by reporting any damage or malfunctioning equipment to ensure the whole building, including the parking lot, is safe for everyone to use.

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