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Dads, Reconnect Your Kid with These Bonding Ideas

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Father’s Day is still a little while off, but you can never be too early in planning your next father and son/daughter trip, especially now that kids never let their mobile phones off their hands. The challenge is to come up with new and exciting activities that will keep them engaged and having fun. Here are some ideas:

Play Computer Games

It doesn’t matter if you are not savvy with the latest technology, playing computer games is less about computers and more about games. Learn the basics and do your best, you may even end up having fun.

Cook Something

Remember that scene from Kramer VS Kramer when Dustin Hoffman and his son made French toast a few times. Even though they started horribly, they got better at it eventually. The idea here is to learn something together. And with cooking, there are always a lot of new recipes to try.

Paint Ball and Laser Tag

Reminiscent of the hunting activity that fathers used to do with their children, these gun-wielding activities will bring out the fight and the sweat in both you and your kid. You can even team up and play against other dad-kid tandems in the neighborhood.

Binge Watch Star Wars

Or Lord of the Rings, or Firefly, or whatever Sci-Fi/Fantasy movie or series you’re into. A Sunday afternoon binge session promises a quiet and low-cost way of reconnecting with your kids. Depending on how old they are though, you might need to get ready for the flurry of questions.


Helping others may be one of the most important lessons you can teach your kid. Look for volunteering opportunities nearby. You can even take the whole family or make this a regular thing. There is so much to learn from helping out, not to mention how it can help make your community a little better.

New doesn’t always mean exciting. Some of the oldest school bonding activities are classics for a reason. Here are a couple of golden oldies you can revisit.


To achieve some extent of success in fishing, you have to have patience and perseverance. These lessons will come naturally when you’re staring at the serene waters around you. Fishing also involves a lot of waiting, so you’ll need to fill in the hours with conversation, something many dads have so little of. Also, there’s something primal and cool about catching your next meal. Just make sure you understand how fishing gear works. The new Tsunami fishing rods are easy to use, even for kids.

Go Outdoors

Holiday Vacation

There’s something calming with being surrounded by nature. Taking your kids camping or hiking will always be memorable experiences for everyone. Plan your trips well making sure to consider the weather of your selected dates. Make checklists of the items you need to bring and ask the kids to help out in checking them.

Build Models

Take your pick from rockets, planes, tanks, and even Gundams (Japanese Anime Robots). Building models takes time but rewards you with a sense of accomplishment and a beautiful trophy afterwards.

There are so many things you can do with your children. Get creative and don’t forget to ask them if they want to do something with you.

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