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Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Online Marketing

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The ability to think and strategize has always been our edge over the other species on the planet. Although many animals are way more powerful for us to overcome physically, we prove to be more dangerous to them than they are to us over time. A good example is that of the shark versus humans clash. And it’s not even close. Stats show that humans kill about 100 million sharks every year; most of these killings are done by commercial fishermen. Sharks, on the other hand, killed less than ten people in 2018.

But human intelligence is getting a close competition lately. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a human invention, machines can now function as if a human is behind them. By definition, AI is described as computers and machines that mimic the “cognitive” functioning that we associate with human minds. We’re talking about problem-solving and learning. So pivotal is this technology that some experts are worried these might eventually outsmart us and replace us in the process.

The good news is AI is an ally that can be used to your advantage. Specifically, such an amazing technology can help you in your brand’s digital marketing journey. Here’s how.

AI Chatbots

It’s safe to say that AI had advanced a lot since its first inception decades ago. Google, for one, has spearheaded research for years to expand the functionality of artificial intelligence. Top of its endeavors is Google’s AI company DeepMind. And without a doubt, the world’s biggest search engine company is applying AI in its marketing tools.

AI has made possible semantic recognition that allows voice browsers to interpret grammar no matter how complex. Couple this with voice conversion technology and language processing, and voila, you can now rely on AI chatbots that function as humans. The result is obvious. Your customer service is way much more efficient.

AI chatbots are tireless. You can have a 24/7 7-day-a-week chat service that doesn’t grow tired or need rest. That spells a lot for your website. Meaning, you can cater to any time zone on the planet without worrying about human error brought about by physical limitations.

Speaking of physical limitations, AI chatbots can handle multiple customers at the same time. It can deliver “one-to-many” support for multiple clients, unlike traditional human chat support, which is severely limited.

Added to this, you won’t have to worry about language barriers. The AI chatbot can be configured so it can interact with distinct individuals from different countries. And if you haven’t noticed, top brands such as Slack and Facebook messenger are already using this trend.

Email Marketing

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Of course, for your brand’s online presence to be outstanding, you’d have to rely on an expert digital marketing agency. While AI may have advanced so much, there are tons of decision-making and strategic planning that will need the expertise of tried-and-tested digital marketers. Take note that each digital marketing strategy must be tailored to a brand, yours including.

Another useful marketing tool that AI can help you with is email marketing. Predicting user behavior is really hard when you can’t get all the relevant data points in your head. It’s a number-crunching role. But AI does this in a cinch.

With AI email marketing, emails become personalized to the point that they trigger a specific action. We’re talking about tailored subject lines and messaging. That can only mean a better return on your investment or ROI.

A glorious example of this is the tool Phrases. When marketers use this tool, analyzing and optimizing campaigns is a lot easier. It sure is a lot more efficient than relying on A/B testing to arrive at the best way to reach your audience via email.

Content Marketing

AI advantage becomes even more pronounced when it comes to content. AI and its ability to seek a customer pattern according to various data points validated allow it to come up with content that matters most for your audience. In short, you become more relevant to your target market.

You get a better grasp on what type of content would move your audience. In the process,  your brand stands out more. The insights coming from AI make all this possible.

Even better, AI-enabled tools can help you create relevant content. This way, you won’t have to shell tons of dollars to come up with pricey videos, for instance. An example of this is the Flexclip video maker. With the tool, you can create downloadable high-quality videos even without the help of a professional.

Indeed, AI is digital marketing at its finest. Making sure it works for you is not just logical. It’s paramount, assuming you want to get ahead of the pack. And profit handsomely thereafter.

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