Wondering How to Improve Your Hotel Business? Invest in Quality Landscaping Services!

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The hotel sector can be a profitable industry. Setting up your own commercial space where customers can arrive by the hundreds daily is a surefire way to profit, especially when you are in an area with high foot traffic due to tourism activities. The global demand for room bookings in hotels hit an all-time high in 2023 and is projected to grow in the following years. That is because more and more people are traveling, on top of the frequent travelers expected to take trips. It might be challenging to build profitability when you start a hotel from scratch for the first few years, but you will eventually hit growth in the long run.

Of course, that is to say, that you know how to improve your hotel business. It is a competitive sector, with even a small neighborhood competing for the same travelers. Affordability, customer reviews, and achievable services will determine if your hotel will become competitive or not, but you must also look at aesthetics. Because of social media, more and more people are looking to stay at attractive accommodations even if they have higher price tags compared to other hotels in the same area. As a result, starting with the exterior appearance can be your gateway to how to improve your hotel business. Here are a few tips to consider.

Planning the Landscape

Building an aesthetic landscape for your hotel is no easy task, especially if you’re starting from scratch. Think of it as a home’s curb appeal. To add value to the residential property, you must invest in creating a green and vibrant front lawn. For a hotel, your investments might have to be more than twice as much, given the property line between a commercial and residential establishment can be significantly high. As a result, building a front lawn for your hotel will not be an easy process. In fact, you might have to hire several professionals to accomplish it.

The landscape designer specializing in commercial establishments is the first hire to make if you want to know how to improve your hotel business. The expert can assess the property’s space, create design drafts of several landscaping features, and even recommend amenities and features that could boost the hotel’s curb appeal. A landscape designer will also consider the feasibility of landscaping maintenance, ensuring that your hotel can maintain the beauty of the creation made. Hiring a landscape designer with an extensive portfolio of successful hotels will be ideal, and you might even get their quotations on floors where you want landscaping designs to feature, like the rooftop garden or the reception.

Once you finalize the design, you must ensure you gather the supplies necessary to build it. A landscape supplier must have all the materials, equipment, and resources to execute what the landscape designer envisioned. Those two professionals often work side-by-side, even to the point where you can get them under one design firm. They can plan on how to improve your hotel business through landscaping, ensuring your investment in them is worth it. Of course, you must have multiple options to compare their prices, allowing you to settle for the most cost-efficient selection for your hotel landscaping needs.

Laying the Foundation

Once you have everything ready for building the hotel’s landscape, you must ensure you know what they need. Understanding the work that needs to be done will help with maintenance and enhancements if necessary. You can take a look at their presentations and make suggestions on what you want. After all, it is your hotel’s design they will be working on. Of course, that requires knowing what is possible and not. Most of the time, it is the soil around your hotel that could be stopping your ideal hotel design.

The soil composition of your hotel’s property will require attention to design a thriving outdoor space. You must conduct soil transformation studies to identify if the features are ideal for garden growth, including texture, nutrients, and moisture capacity. Those findings allow you to understand if your landscaping plans are healthy, safe, or even doable. Issues like waterlogging or unhealthy growth for certain plant species might happen if you fail to research the soil composition.

Once you have an understanding of your soil composition, you can start making adjustments. Consider topsoil changes to create an optimal hotel lawn. Adding organic matter can enhance structure and fertility, allowing healthy root and plant growth and promoting vibrant garden life. Unfortunately, you might have a soil composition poor for plant growth, making it necessary to consider other options.

Getting flower bed installation services can be ideal there to help you create aesthetic features above the actual ground. This tactic ensures you can add soil that cultivates healthy plant growth, making your investments feel more worth it. It will take a lot of research on healthy landscaping design when you want to figure out how to improve your hotel business. However, it can be worth diving into if the result is aesthetically pleasing.

Adding Variety

Of course, plants and grass should not be the only priorities when building a healthy and aesthetic hotel lawn. While they might be the main attractions, they should be partnered with reliable trees. Knowing how to improve your hotel business in terms of landscaping involves trees, which provide so many beneficial advantages. First, they add shading to certain spots in the landscape, preventing too much exposure from the sun or providing ample cover from heavy rain.

Second, it adds levels to the tourists’ eyesight as they might not want to look down all the time when admiring a hotel’s front lawn. You should consider getting a tree company to help you strategically place the trees for aesthetic purposes, ensuring your hotel has a good overall appearance with the gentle green giants.

However, maintenance will be necessary when keeping trees as part of your aesthetic hotel facade transformation. Overgrown or dead branches, rotten fruits, and withered leaves can take away the beauty that trees are meant to provide. You should consider hiring an arborist to help you maintain those trees. Of course, you must ensure that you have a few of them as part of your landscaping maintenance personnel, allowing you to continuously maintain the area.

Promoting Interaction

While a healthy hotel lawn can be aesthetically appealing, you must ensure that your potential guests can do more than just admire from afar. Visitors must be able to walk and run to provide them with a more engaging feeling, taking pictures or even having picnics in the area. As a result, pathways and driveways should be well integrated into the area. Most landscape designers already account for those in the initial designs, but you might have to secure hardscaping services to execute them.

Hardscaping services have the materials and expertise to build aesthetic and functional pathways for your hotel’s garden. They can use a variety of quality materials, such as concrete and asphalt, to create those areas where visitors can roam around. They can also provide amenities like water features and rock formations, adding more intriguing elements to captivate potential guests.

Those amenities could become attractions that ultimately help people decide to stay at your hotel. It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when learning how to improve your hotel business, but the contributions of hardscaping services are too impactful to ignore.

Making Underground Work Easy

The reason why most hotels choose not to prioritize landscaping is that they might need to dig underground. Those exterior areas often house important functional systems for the hotel, like the electrical and plumbing systems. If there is something wrong, you might have to find ways to get to it, forcing you to destroy the new landscaping you just installed and risk losing a heavy investment. As a result, you must be strategic about how to improve your hotel business through landscaping.

Before you even install a new landscaping design, you must lay out a foundation wherein your maintenance crew can work underground, a layer of walkable underground tunnels should be present near the piping system or the electrical circuits to ensure that you do not have to dig through the soil on top of them. You can dedicate an entrance point with restricted access hidden from visitors to ensure that they won’t know about those tunnels.

If you only need a few areas, you can install removable garden beds on top of them so that those entry points do not disrupt the appearance of the landscape. Despite your efforts to prioritize aesthetic appeal, you must remain focused on your hotel’s functionality and maintenance needs. Making underground work easy can ensure you know how to improve your hotel business through landscaping without sacrificing those functional systems.

Hiring Maintenance Personnel

Of course, having a beautiful lawn for your hotel will not last if you fail to maintain it. The area will be the most exposed feature to harsh weather and natural disasters. Unfortunately, one bad day could destroy all your hard work. If you want to recover or avoid those situations, you must dedicate a landscaping maintenance team to your hotel.

The arborist belongs to the list if you have trees to maintain, but you will also need a few others. General landscaping contractors might be necessary if you want to make enhancements to the area. Gardeners could also be part of the list to ensure that the grass and plants remain healthy and well-maintained the whole time. Your hotel maintenance personnel usually include custodians who can also sweep leaves, debris, and trash to make the hotel’s front lawn look spotless. If you have a lot of maintenance personnel, you must also prioritize proper communication. Ensure that your hotel phone system includes routes to them to ensure you can contact them once you notice urgent issues from the front lawn. This allows you to address those problems immediately, protecting your investment in a good landscaping design for your hotel.

Prioritizing Security

Knowing how to improve your hotel business through landscaping is only one-half of the job. It is a venture where you spend a lot of money, with features and amenities that might be attractive enough not only to visitors but also to vandals and thieves. Your landscaping area will receive threats from those types of people, making the area prone to damage if you do not protect it well. As a result, investing in security measures should complete the task of creating a great landscaping area for your hotel.

Security cameras should be all over the place. Besides preventing trespassers from entering the vicinity, you can keep close tabs on your outdoor amenities and features, ensuring they remain well-protected. Motion sensors, proper outdoor lighting, and alarms could also help out your security vision at night, which is when most vandalism and theft threats occur.

Those systems will be part of your security package to ensure overall protection for your landscaping area. However, there is no better deterrent than security personnel. If your hotel business managed to make it into the big leagues, you might have to ensure that all guests feel safe from looming threats. Partner with armed security firms to have the proper personnel to protect your business.

You should also entertain setting up fences for your hotel’s exterior appearance. You can opt for chain or well-designed metallic fences to ensure that the hotel facade remains visible to onlookers while still providing a protective layer for your business. If you have a spacious lawn with the reception further back into the property, you might benefit from adding a secured gate. You can sprinkle your hotel’s logo and design on that area to ensure guests know they are in the right place.

Learning how to improve your hotel business will be challenging, but you might not be tapping into the potential of what a good landscape can provide. However, it is a significant investment to undertake, so you must prepare the budget, time, and effort to plan around it. However, you can reap the rewards of a well-built landscape that can catapult your hotel into growth and success. With a great landscape, your hotel business can soar.

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