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Practical Ways to Control Your Collection

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Hobbies take on different forms. People choose their hobbies based on what they enjoy doing. They also pick what interests them and stimulate their minds.

Having a collection is a hobby that can grow with you. It starts with a few simple items. Before you know it, you have managed to build a decent size collection. But, one must be careful in selecting their collectibles. Remember that collecting is different from hoarding. The latter leans more on being aimless about what you buy.

Managing your collectibles well is like making full use of Splunk-managed services. A company does not go about its operations in loops. They analyze and track their data well before taking the next move. A serious and practical collector works the same way. Here are some techniques on how you can control your collection so that it would not go overboard.

Ask Important Questions

You may only be starting a collection or you have grown with one. Whatever stage of collecting you are, remember to always ask yourself a few questions. These questions will help you keep grounded on how much you can still take in. Being more systematic about this hobby will keep you from making impulsive buys.

Some questions that you may ask are the following:

  • How much am I willing to shell out for this hobby?
  • How often will I add to my collection?
  • Am I going to complete a collection or will I be content with only a few items?
  • Will I go for the rare finds or the more common ones?

These questions will help you navigate your way through your collection. Instead of being an overly-enthusiastic collector, you become a responsible one.

Find a Place for Your Collectibles

A collection is never meant to be inside boxes or stashed in dark rooms. Also, it is not ideal to set-up your collection in empty spaces in your home. It will only look cluttered. The best way is to find a place where you can showcase them. You can install shelves, cabinets, or shadow boxes for them. When you have a bigger collection, you may want to consider having a collection room.

Collections are good conversation starters. The best way that a collector can enjoy their collection is to share their passion with others. A person may forget items that are only inside boxes. As such, it defeats the purpose of collecting items.

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Step Back and Examine Your Collection

As a collector, you find gratification as you see your collection grow. But, how do you know when it is too much. One indicator is when it affects your living space. Do you find items in your bed before you sleep? Then, you have to shove them on the side or underneath your bed. Do you have to move some items around and return them so that you can enjoy a meal at your table? If your collectibles are all over the place, then you might be hoarding instead of collecting.

Another indicator that collecting is too much is when it affects your relationships. Are people in your household complaining about your collection? It may be because they occupy more space than they should. It could also be because the budget becomes strained to give in to your collection. Remember that collecting can turn into a form of addiction if it goes unchecked.

Accept If There Is a Need to Purge

When you see that your collection is getting out of hand, accept that you have to let go of some items. Check which of your collectibles you can give away. There are many ways to slim down your collection. You can donate it to a charity or sell it to the flea market. Another way to let go of your collectibles without feeling bad is to give them to an amateur collector. Find someone who shares the same passion as yours and inspire them to start a collection.

The best way to purge your collection is to do it fast. If you give yourself time to contemplate things, you might never let go of some items.

Shift Your Hobby to Something More Meaningful

To help you not to focus on amassing so many items, you can channel your passion to another endeavor. If you like collecting pots and vases, you can start a pottery class. If you are fond of anime figures, then consider attending cosplays.

Remember that you can collect memories and experiences related to your passion. This is an excellent alternative to having a mountain of items that you cannot manage well.

Collecting is an enjoyable hobby. The possibilities of what to collect are endless. You only need to remember to keep it within your control. Your goal is to enjoy it and not get burdened by it.

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