The Negative Effects Of Too Much Gadget Use For Kids

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We’ve finally reached an era where kids lead a device-driven lifestyle. Not long ago, computers and mobile phones were considered luxuries. But that isn’t the case anymore. They have become necessities that even children must have at some point.

Is It Worth It?

Allowing your kids to use devices can have many adverse effects on their health. However, it has also helped many parents focus on their house chores without kids running around the house.

But the question is- Is it worth it?

You probably have a hard time keeping gadgets away from your kids. Remember, you are not alone. Almost all parents experience the same thing these days. But it would be best if you kept it easy. A 2-hour gadget use per day isn’t so bad at all. Yet excessive gadget use may harm your children in different ways. Let’s find out how it happens.

Body pain, bad posture, Neck and Shoulder Strain

When we use devices, we are often hunched over them. Bad posture is a pretty common side effect of using gadgets too often. Over time, your child will also experience neck and shoulder Strain due to a lack of physical activity. Muscle sore and other body pains will start to emerge too.

Furthermore, an uncomfortable chair, laptop height, and keyboard placement can also contribute to the issue. If your child sits on an extended period in an uncomfortable position, it’s only a matter of time before he starts complaining about body pain.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This causes numbness, pain, and weakness in the wrist and hands. It occurs when the hand and wrist receive too much pressure, causing the discomfort to extend to the fingers.

Children can develop carpal tunnel syndrome if they use a computer mouse awkwardly. It can also happen when they are texting for an extended period and creating repetitive hand actions. These habits may cause injury to the tendons, and when this happens, children may find it hard to write.

Eating Disorders

While eating disorders due to excessive gadget use typically happen to adults, children are at risk too. Conditions like anorexia, binge eating, and other mental health issues may gradually arise if parents don’t set limitations.

Once you notice your child exhibiting unusual eating habits, you must take them to a specialist right away. Early diagnosis is vital to ensure that they get the right treatment plan for eating disorders. Without it, their condition can get worse, especially if they keep using mobile devices.


Eye Strain

Eye strain is also a common side effect of excessive gadget use. Its symptoms include burning sensation, dry eyes, and difficulty focusing. Indeed, bright lights, flickers, and glare make the experience more exciting, but these things silently affect eye health.

In addition, squinting frequently makes the Strain even worse. It doesn’t end there. Lack of physical activities can also put your child at risk of myopia.


It’s time to put a stop to gadget use if your child starts complaining about headaches. This is the most common indicator that they use gadgets too much and get exposed to too much blue light.


Kids are prone to stress too. Spending too much time using devices may cause your child to feel indulgent. As a result, it increases their stress levels, which adversely affects their health, sleep, heart, and digestion.

Stress can also cause children to have negative emotions. It makes it hard for them to deal with unpleasant situations, causing them to throw tantrums and sudden mood changes. Like adults, they also need to learn how to deal with unlikeable problems, but this will be pretty challenging if they are constantly stressed because of gadgets.

Tired Body

Gadgets don’t just affect kids’ mental health and emotions. It has harmful effects on their body too. Studies show that kids who often spend time using gadgets tend to feel physically tired all the time. Due to a lack of physical movements, their muscles don’t create actions.

Being still for an extended period can reduce blood circulation. And since your child doesn’t move often, his joints are stressed too. This results in feeling exhausted despite not doing anything physically tiring at all.

Poor Sleep Patterns

Research also suggests that excessive use of mobile devices can cause sleep interruption. It has a massive impact on brain activity that results in disturbed sleep, resulting in more symptoms of stress.

Technology may be of great use to all of us, including kids. But don’t let it be the only thing that keeps them busy. Encourage your kids to play outdoors, make new friends, and interact with kids their age. After all, being in touch with the real world is essential for a child’s well-being.

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