Five Ways Technology Has Helped People Take Better Pictures

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The first picture ever taken was in 1826 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. He was a French inventor and is credited as the first person to take a photograph. It was an image of his backyard that he captured on a pewter plate coated with bitumen.

The exposure time for this picture was around eight hours. It was badly shot since he didn’t know exactly what was in his lens’s view. Moreover, the photograph almost faded away over time. However, this picture started a new era in the world of photography.

Nowadays, anyone can be a photographer with the help of technology without fearing that their pictures would fade away, the same way Joseph’s first photograph almost did. Today, the average person has access to high-quality cameras and editing software. There are even phones with multiple cameras and AI-powered features that can take great pictures. Here are five ways technology has helped people take better pictures.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the most significant changes technology has brought to photography is how phone cameras work. Nowadays, there are multiple phones with multiple cameras and AI-powered features that can take great pictures.

The AI in these cameras can help identify objects and scenes and adjust the camera settings accordingly. It results in pictures that are well-exposed and have accurate colors. Moreover, the AI can also edit photos and suggest filters that look good on them.

This feature was once only available to professional photographers who had to edit their pictures manually. Now, anyone with a phone can take great images without prior knowledge of photography.

Interestingly enough, AI can also edit videos and create compilations and GIFs. It has made videography more accessible to people who are not professionals.

Photographer taking a picture of a model


When there is AI, there are also robots who are becoming a big part of the photography industry. There are now robots that can take pictures for you.

These “camera robots” or “camera drones” are becoming increasingly popular, especially among event photographers. They are usually controlled by an app and can be set to take pictures at specific intervals. But, of course, this means you can also be in the photo!

Some of these robots even have facial recognition to take pictures of specific people. So it’s perfect for candid shots or group photos where everyone looks their best.

It’s also fairly common to see robots work with depth capture cameras. Robotics depth capture cameras can do object tracking and 3D reconstruction. It results in pictures with a very shallow depth of field and a dreamy look. It’s good to have around if you plan to take creative shots of a particular scene.

Lens Attachments

Another way technology has helped people take better pictures is by making lens attachments more accessible. Lens attachments are pieces of glass that attach to the front of your camera lens. They change how your images look by altering the focal length, aperture, and other settings.

There are now many companies that make lens attachments for phones. It means you don’t need a DSLR to get different shots. Instead, you can attach a lens to your phone and start taking pictures!

Some of the most popular types of lens attachments are fisheye lenses, which give your pictures a distorted but fun look; wide-angle lenses, which help you fit more into your frame; and telephoto lenses, which let you take close-up shots from far away.

Editing Software

Another big help that technology has brought to photography is editing software. This type of software lets you make changes to your pictures after taking them.

You can use editing software to crop and rotate your pictures, change the colors and contrast, add filters, and even remove objects from the frame. It’s a great way to make your photos look even better before sharing them with the world.

Many different editing software types are available, both for phones and computers. Some of them are even free! This means that anyone can edit their pictures, regardless of their budget.

Cloud Storage

Finally, one of the most helpful things technology has done for photography is to make cloud storage more accessible. Cloud storage lets you save your files online to access them from anywhere.

It’s perfect for people who take a lot of pictures. You don’t have to worry about running out of storage space on your phone or computer. And if you ever lose your device, your photographs will be safe.

Many different cloud storage services are available, such as Google Photos and iCloud. Most offer a free plan with limited storage, or you can pay for more storage if you need it.

Technology has changed the way we take pictures. There are now many ways to take better pictures, from camera robots to cloud storage. So get out there and start taking some great shots!

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