Taking Your Wanderlust and Making It a Career

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The idea of comfort differs from person to person. For some, being comfortable means snuggling up on the couch and binging your favorite TV shows the whole day. For others, it can mean getting up to go out and exercise, meet friends, and eat out. This can also apply to your work life or even living situation. Some people are fine with staying in one place for the rest of their lives, while others can’t sit still and want to explore the world and its opportunities at every chance they get.

If you find yourself relating with the latter, you’re probably down with a serious case of wanderlust. You hate being bound to a single location and, if you could, you’d spend your whole life traveling the world. As much as you’d like that to happen, you’re not made out of money. You have your office job, bills to pay, and yourself to take care of.

But what if you could do all that and travel? We’ve included an equal mix of jobs in the digital, hospitality, humanitarian, and media fields to help you figure out how you want to quench your thirst for travel and get paid while doing it!

Volunteering/Humanitarian Work

Do you want to make a difference in the world and help people in need? Volunteering for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like UNICEF, the Peace Corps, or World Vision is the way to go. Make sure you’re fully committed, as volunteering is a full-time job. Like any job, it’s not easy, nor does it have the best pay, but you’ll get to travel, experience different cultures, cultivate friendships and experience new things, all while helping people in need.


Journalism covers an array of skills such as writing, photography, and video production. If reporting facts, interviewing people, doing research, and breaking the news is your cup of tea and you possess a wide skillset, becoming a journalist is your next step towards countless opportunities to travel. It may take time to harness your skills and climb up the job ladder, but combining your passions with your thirst for new adventures and you’ll definitely have a career that’s anything but stagnant.


Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are people who can work from anywhere in the world. They compare to remote workers or freelancers, with the main difference being their lifestyle. Digital nomads can work from anywhere globally as long as they have their laptops and tools with them, while remote workers don’t go to the office and work from home. When your space doesn’t limit your work, you can do practically anything. Be it travel blogging, writing an e-book, or becoming a graphic designer, being able to travel anywhere you want without having to worry about leaving your work behind is a lifestyle that many digital nomads get to enjoy.

Truck Driving

One of the more unconventional careers on the list is becoming a truck driver. Like freelancing, choosing to be an independent truck driver gives you the choice of where to drive. If you’re the type of person who’d rather stay within the country, this is a good opportunity to explore places outside your area. As they say, “start where you are.” Another benefit is that it requires less training but still provides good and stable pay compared to other jobs. Like any independent job, it’s important to keep track of your financial transactions. Having someone help you with bookkeeping can be useful when you’re always on the road.

Cruise Line Worker

If you’re a fan of the ocean and are good at dealing with people, this highly sought-after job might be the one for you! Working on a cruise line requires little schooling, and there are different kinds of positions available that may suit your skillset. It’s a great way to visit far-flung places while not having to worry about food or accommodation because it’s all covered! Besides that, some companies provide benefits like having employee-only amenities or even paid vacation time for their high-ranking employees.

So if you plan to make the jump from your traditional office job to being a full-fledge jetsetter, you should consider these different careers to satisfy your wanderlust. Whether you want to go into field reporting or get your work done on a beach in Hawaii, these careers will provide you with the opportunity to make new experiences outside of your comfort zone. You can also foster new relationships and go on adventures that will give you a laundry list of stories to tell.

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