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Taking a Sneak Peek of 2022 Graphic Design Trends

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Graphic design is too important not to invest efforts into it. It’s more than just aesthetics. It’s a communication tool that relays whatever a brand intends to communicate. Whether you create educational content or convince potential customers to hire your services or buy your products, graphic design contributes to decision-making. If anything, it’s the first thing that gets people to notice a brand, to get them to click.

Every brand design studio knows and predicts the styles people are attracted to, maximizing graphic design as a tool. But for it to be effective, it needs to have an aesthetic that’s true to the brand while in with the times.

Why Keep Up With the Times?

Every marketer knows that learning the trends and using them to attract organic interactions and promote brand awareness is effective. From internet lingo to pop culture references, it’s essential to know what’s in. when executed effectively, it can even translate to sales—an obvious objective for any brand or business.

Aesthetic is essential when it comes to branding. With branding comes consistent and brand-relevant graphic designs. Trendy and relevant themes, colors, and designs today generate clicks, help establish a brand image, make effective marketing campaigns, and more. Ironically, some design trends are a blast from the past. Regardless, some things in the past are in now.

Without further ado, here’s a breakdown of trend predictions in graphic design for 2022.


The idea of less being more is a classic such that minimalism has become a long-on-going, most sought-after aesthetic. The idea behind the minimalist design is to keep things clear, straightforward, and clutter-free. Having to deal with the hustle and bustle of the city and the busy schedule of a career-building adult, it’s normal to seek simplicity and straightforwardness once in a while. This makes life a little easier and more enriching. Strip everything of noisy color and unnecessary bubble wrap, and you have what you need.

A limited number of colors and simple lines are what make a minimalist design. It’s elevated and refreshing to the eyes, something everyone needs from time to time. Don’t be surprised when you see this trend staying longer than you thought it would.

Colorful Minimalism


There’s something about minimalism that’s clear and crisp. Guess that’s what they mean by simple is best. The simple shapes, lines, and patterns are still there, just with more color. For example, with trendy pastel or muted colors, minimalist designs are made even more modern and relatable for the consumer.

Muted Colors

It’s an innate feeling in all of us to seek nature when we feel burnt out or exhausted from our concrete jungle—no wonder why outdoor activities are effective in alleviating stress. We simply can’t stay away from mother nature for too long. This fact has been well-established after the majority of the population had to remain indoors for some time.

Art reflects the inner world in humans so much that colors in fashion and design lean towards the colors of nature. Shades of brown and green have been big lately and are obviously reminiscent of nature. It’s refreshing to get rid of the flashy and shiny packaging and turn back to earthy, raw colors. The appreciation of nature has even translated to a preference for recycled packaging and cruelty-free products.

Reviving Retro

Safe to say, the word nostalgia has an added weight to it, thanks to the pandemic. But even then, fashion trends and symbols of the past have been making their way back to the present even pre-pandemic. The oranges, browns, and yellow with the groovy fonts are elements we know and come across once in a while. In a time of uncertainty, going back to familiar aesthetics is comforting.

Psychedelic Symbols

Psychedelia has some earthy roots, especially since it’s reminiscent of the hippie days. This era highlighted psychedelic drugs, thus the wiggly lines, natural elements, and bright colors associated with them. Loose and liberated elements were loud, chaotic, and sometimes abstract. Artists remark that abstractness manifests openness and enlightenment at the height of social unrest and environmental awareness.

Final Thoughts

Although many trends have partly stemmed from feeling homesick for nature or retreating to something of the past for comfort, the trend predictions in design for 2022 look bright and expansive. Knowing what’s in helps marketers to be effective in their marketing campaigns and social media content. Not only will these design trends attract the majority, but they will also enrich their lives with comfort, familiarity, and pure enjoyment for aesthetics.

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