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Smart Visual Merchandising Puts Your Products on the Spotlight

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Selling products as a retailer can be sometimes frustrating. Customers come into the store and you don’t know what they will buy. But you can subtly influence them. Using visual merchandising techniques, you can present products to them so that it will catch their eye. Interest is the first step towards a sale and you should encourage that.

Here are some tips on how you can convince people to buy with your displays:

Start With the Window

Visual merchandising starts from outside the store. Your window displays are a way to draw in customers to your shop so you have to put some effort into them. A good example of this would be to have a theme for them. Most department stores use seasonal themes and arrangements to showcase products that people might need. For example, winter displays often have coats, gloves, and other cold-weather products on display. Remember to change these displays regularly so that they always look fresh.

Position The High Traffic Items at The Back

You will always have products that people will always buy. The common-sense approach is to have these products be at the front so that people can get them easily. But the smarter approach is to place them at the back of your store. That way, your customers will have to pass through all of your offerings first. It might surprise you how many impulse buys you can convince them to do, especially if you display some tempting offerings their way.

Use the Proper Angles

When it comes to displaying products, lighting is important. The way that the light hits them can show how well a product looks. This can be difficult if you use a straightforward layout but if you mix up your floor plan so that all products get displayed in the proper light, then you’ve got a winner. You will have to buy the shelving and racks for it though. For example, it should be possible to get a high-quality clothes rack in Australia that can mesh well with your angular layout.

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Welcome The Buyers With Seasonal Items

When the customer comes in, they should immediately see items that you need to get rid of by the end of the season. Putting them front and center means that anyone passing by will have the idea of buying them. This increases the chance that people will pick them up as they pass by.

Go Right

When people go into a store, they often go right and often look to the right first. Use this to your advantage by having the more expensive and consumable items placed on the right side of the store. This usually means that all of the new releases and products you want to sell go to that area.

Fill Your Cash Register Area With Affordable Items

As your customer is lining up to pay, you have the final chance for impulse buys. Instead of expensive items, go for cheap items such as gum, snacks, and accessories. It might surprise you what they’ll throw in to fill up their baskets or carts.

People think that sales are all about being loud and pushy. But being smart about displays can be even more effective. If you do it right, buyers will be attracted to the product without even knowing it.

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