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Six Useful Gift Ideas for the Baker in Your Life

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If you have a family member or friend who’s a fantastic baker, you’re probably looking forward to receiving holiday cookies or stopping by their house for a surprise-visit-turned-pastry-sampling. What are the things that you can give them that will help them become even better bakers? Here are some gift ideas to inspire you.

Utensil sets

Home bakers no doubt have their own equipment, but over time things can become worn or get misplaced. Give your family member or friend a set of utensils for a uniform ergonomic feel or measuring instruments with standard markings. It’s not just about having a consistent appearance; that plastic measuring cup with a handle that fits right, and marked the same way as everything else, will help every little task go a bit more smoothly.

Measuring scale

Baking is part art, part science. Some people may lean more toward the creative aspect of their craft, but we all need exact measurements from time to time. Or maybe they don’t enjoy doing the dishes. A precise and durable kitchen scale is an excellent aid to getting specific recipes just right. Some models can even help perform basic calculations, solving more than one kitchen headache.

Creative tools

We bring our personality into our hobbies, and there are many items among a baker’s gear with room for some fancy design. Shop around for oven mitts or Mason jars with creative designs to brighten up their kitchen. Some suppliers will also let you add personalization to implements like rolling pins or wooden spoons, using engraving or pyrography techniques.

Premium extracts

Spices and flavor extracts run a wide range of how frequently they are used. Some are staples, while others come down to preference. A collection of premium extracts can be the perfect gift for many bakers. You can play it safe and include a few staple flavors like vanilla or hazelnut, while also throwing in more experimental ones that they might wish to try out, such as anise or root beer. Even better, you can keep on giving new ones each time.

Recipe books

Giving a good book is a pleasure made even more significant when it’s a book full of recipes for an appreciative baker. If the baker you know is of foreign descent or has an interest in traditional dishes, books, such as Suqar by Greg and Lucy Malouf or The Nordic Baking Book by Magnus Nilsson, might be a perfect choice. Or you can’t go wrong with essentials like Maida Heatter’s Book of Great Desserts or Tartine: A Classic Revisited. Don’t forget to include a handwritten note reminding them to send you samples of their latest work!

Business books

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While you’re at the bookstore, you may want to head over to the business section. If your friend keeps making incredible pastries, they might be able to turn their passion into a business with the right knowledge. There are many types of food business books that can fill in the gaps with different approaches and help them start in the food industry with a home-based bakery.

Having a friend with a passion for baking is a relationship with many sweet rewards, and you’re never far from a great dessert. Encourage them to further their craft in different ways with these unique gifts and many more to come.

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