Questions to Ask Your Movers

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If you’re planning to hire movers in the near future, there are some things you need to ask your movers before the process gets started. First, you should ask about the equipment they have. Make sure they have the blankets, truck, and straps needed to move items in the home.

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Some things will be heavier than others, and need to be stored separately in a truck. Some items also need to be wrapped, and it’s very convenient if the movers already have that with them to do.

The next thing you need to ask about is insurance on the truck. If your movers will be transporting your furniture and other personal items, the truck they are using should be insured. This is to protect your property and them during the process. Insurance is also good to help with damages that could happen during the move.

Another question should be the price before you get started. Some movers operate on a hourly basis, and could have rates by the hour or rates for the job. If you’re doing a local move, these rates are likely based on local factors. However, if you’re doing an interstate move, you need to see what that cost looks like in terms of labor, fuel, and insurance.

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