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How Writers Should Build Their Professional Network

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Writing as a profession is not just about sitting in front of your computer, typing words, or scribbling down your notebook at a café. It’s also a job that will require you to talk to people – from your publishers, editors to companies hiring your services.

No matter how introverted you are, you will occasionally find yourself going out and meeting different individuals. And that is necessary, especially if you want to build a stable career or achieve your goals as a wordsmith. However, you need to remember that networking as a writer is a bit different from networking as an entrepreneur or a businessperson.

If you want to break out of your shell and start going out and joining social events, here are some of the tips to keep in mind:

Build relationships with your editors

Your editors or publishers are not just people who read your work and suggest what you need to do with your characters. They are also individuals who have linkages and affiliations, which they can offer to you. As such, it only makes sense that you build harmonious professional relationships with them. There are some occasions when your editor will invite you to exclusive cocktails or benefits; grab the chance, as it will help you put yourself out there. On the other hand, your publisher might also know prospective buyers of works, some of which are studios and film production houses who want to turn your masterpieces into moving pictures.

Join social networks

Gone are the days when writers think that social media platforms and pages are too mainstream for their liking. Many authors and writers these days are online, as this brings them closer to their fans. You can also use social networking pages to find partners and collaborators, potentially leading you to your next big project. Facebook and Instagram are great for curated content, but if you want a more specific approach, you can sign up at social networks designed for writers and readers, such as Shelfari or Goodreads.

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Host your own webinar or podcast

Writers don’t just put their voices on paper. They also speak, and they can become commentators, too! You can also start your own webinar or podcast. You can discuss many things under the sun, from critiquing new pieces to determining the advantages of hiring your own editor. You can always take cues from popular writers, such as Nick Hornby and Bret Easton Ellis. You can also start a podcast in the same league as Hurry Up and Read and Read Learn Live.

Become a guest blogger

In digital marketing and SEO, being a guest writer is a surefire way to increase authority and exude credibility. You can use this technique to your advantage. You can write blogs or articles on writing or even life in general – your insight as a writer will surely be valuable. Other than that, you can write literary critiques for online publications. You can then come up with a piece that offers some tips and pieces of advice on how to become a better writer. You can also discuss topics, such as the advantages of self-publishing over traditional publishing (and vice versa).

Attend pitches and industry events

You can then try to pay film studios and producers a visit and convince them to translate your work into a feature. Such pitches and similar events are a good exercise. You might not get the deal, but at least, you have that one opportunity to establish rapport – and who knows, they can refer you to another producer.

Do it write!

It’s worth noting that being a writer is not just about secluding yourself in a room as you plan your next chapter. It’s also about going out and finding ways to advance your career and improve in your craft.

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