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Great Career Options for the Visually Impaired

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The American Foundation for the Blind says that are 300 careers wherein people with vision problems are thriving. These can be anywhere from web development to physicians and lawyers. The variety of career options is amazing, almost as much as the options for people with normal vision. When you have a visual impairment, the only real enemy you have is yourself. If you don’t allow yourself to fall victim to your own insecurities and trauma, you will find many amazing opportunities even with your limited capabilities.

Technology has made it possible for those hard of seeing to work. Aids for the visually impaired are now available. They can use these aids to learn new skills and pursue their careers. There is no limit to what these people can achieve so long as their impediments are complemented by available tools and technology.

Counselor and Teacher

Visually impaired people can be counselors and classroom teachers. Thanks to screen-reading software, it is also easier for teachers to make lesson plans, plan lectures, and check homework. With the support of the school administration, these careers are very much possible. Students will also learn a lot from visually impaired guidance counselors on how to overcome difficult situations in life.

Financial Advisor

A business degree is all you need to be a great financial advisor. If you know how to crunch the numbers and are great with budgeting, you can help many people deal with their finances. All you have to do is to guide them through their investments and the way they spend their money. You can help create financial strategies that will put your clients in a good position.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives can deal with complaints and issues even without seeing the customers. They can either work from home and be a customer representative via phone or work in a store and face customer complaints in person. All they need is a listening ear to process these complaints. They can then make appropriate recommendations after talking and negotiating with the customers.

Massage Therapist

Do you know that the visually impaired are actually great massage therapists? They can pay close attention to tactile sensations. That’s what makes them better therapists. Their sense of touch becomes more enhanced because of vision loss.


If you somehow survived law school with visual impairment, then you can survive the courtroom. But you need a trustworthy assistant who can help you when you need to check physical evidence and the like. You can even be a more effective lawyer because of your ability to listen to nuances in the voices of your clients and witnesses.

Writer and Journalist

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With laptops’ screen-reading capabilities and Braille keyboards, visually impaired people can be writers and journalists, too. They can create wonderful stories. You don’t need to see to write fiction based on your imagination. As for being a journalist, visually impaired people can do investigative reports and attend press conferences with ease.

You shouldn’t allow yourself to be hindered by your visual impairments. Opportunities stop knocking on your doors only when you don’t grab them. All jobs can be made accessible to you with the help and support of federal and local policies.

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