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From Modern to Rustic: Simple Ways to Give Your Home a Rustic Feel

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Don’t get us wrong; there’s nothing wrong with a modern home. It’s clean. It’s elegant. It feels like it is cut out of Architectural Digest. But there’s something about a rustic home that gives us a warm fuzzy feeling in our stomach. It’s almost like you can stay there all your life and not worry a thing about the outside world. Yes, it looks that inviting. So how do you transform your home from modern to rustic?


First, think about the colors you used in your home. A rustic home is all about warm colors such as brown, tan, and green. Visit a barnwood store to have dibs on fresh-cut wood that you can use to decorate your home. Wood gives your home that nature vibe you should be aiming for. The combination of wood and earth-toned color palette will give your house that warm and cozy glow.


You cannot expect your home to look rustic if there are modern furniture and accessories in it. Go to an antique shop and look for pieces of furniture that look old and elegant. For your bed frame, for example, you can buy one that is made of logs and twigs. Do you want to hang a painting in your living room? Make sure that the frame is not made of metal. Your shoe cabinet should be made of wood, too. There should be no sign of metal and aluminum in your house.


wooded floor

You can’t have a rustic-style house with tiles and concrete floors. It has to be made of wood panels or wood tiles. There is no alternative to do this. Anything less will cheapen the overall look of your house. So if you have to invest a large sum of money in just one aspect of the house, pour your resources into your home’s flooring.

Open-floor Layout

Rustic homes are usually open and airy. Space is not confined. There are no visual blockers to interrupt the flow of the design. The rooms in a rustic setting blend well with one another. Avoid placing dividers between rooms. For example, don’t put up a large counter between the dining and living room. Let the elements of these two rooms blend.


Install only warm lights in your house if you want to go for that whole rustic look. Fluorescent lights have no space in a rustic setting. Lights shouldn’t be too bright. The reason a rustic house feels and looks warm is the lights. You can use fairy lights to brighten up your home. They also look whimsical, which is what you should be aiming for in a rustic setting.

Rustic design is one of the most popular interior designs for a home. You don’t even have to live in the countryside to design your home this way. With a bit of resourcefulness, you can make even a condominium unit in the middle of a bustling city look warm and fuzzy. Just stay true to the elements that make a rustic design—warm, earthy, and open.

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