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Digital Trends to Drive Traffic to a Website

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Online marketers have been busy for the past few years as search engines released updates that affected the rank of the websites they’re managing. Aside from the updates, marketers should also stay updated with the latest innovations to drive traffic to their websites.

A lot of these innovations in digital technology and online marketing emerged in the last few years. These innovations have kept marketers on their toes as they try to keep up with them. Here are some trends in digital technology marketers should know about if they’re planning to drive traffic to their websites.

Engaging Customers Through Artificial Intelligence

Marketers can make the right decisions when they get the correct information. And Artificial intelligence (AI) can help here by using past campaigns to automate campaigns and provide marketers accurate information. Businesses worldwide are already using AI for different functions, including research and development and building maintenance. But AI can also increase customer engagement in a website.

AI can also use chatbots to engage with the customers asking questions through the website or social media page. Some people will easily know if they’re chatting with a bot. But if the AI is programmed properly, it’ll be challenging to find out if you’re chatting with a computer or an actual human being.

Digital Marketing Using Machine Learning

Good market strategists should consider new technologies when driving traffic to a website. Instead of going through a lot of data and analyzing it, they can use machine learning (ML) to analyze and report how they can make changes in their marketing plans.

Using ML provides accurate insights on the data available to the marketer. ML can provide better search engine results for the business. It can also evaluate the quality of a lead while analyzing the touch-point of the customer. Moreover, it also increases engagement by accurately syndicating content to the right audience. ML can also analyze past data to spot trends that can help make decisions. And when you combine ML with AI, the possibilities will become endless.

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Optimizing Videos

Many of the updates on Google have focused on the analysis of video content on the internet. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to add videos on your website to take advantage of this part of the search function. But adding videos isn’t the only thing you should do. You should also optimize the video to ensure Google will understand its relevance to your website.

To do this, the title should accurately describe the video. While adding a transcript is beneficial for your visitors, you should include information that the search engine will find relevant. Like text content, the use of keywords will also be useful in making the video rank well on Google.

Putting the video in the right category and tagging it correctly is also helpful. Allowing it to be shared on social media will increase its reach and allow you to reach more markets. Additionally, you should also make it available on YouTube through your own channel on the video-sharing site.

Advertising Through Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is gradually making an impact on the world of marketing. A prime example is the AR-activated cans of Coca Cola. The ad gave consumers an immersive experience with the brand. The same technology can be used in digital marketing to give visitors an immersive experience when visiting a website.

Virtual reality (VR) and AI will be two technologies to watch out for in digital marketing. So, as early as now, you should start learning about it so you won’t get caught flatfooted once it takes over the world of digital marketing.

Using Visual Search

Digital marketing has changed with the entry of visual recognition technology in the market. In the past, content using a good mix of keywords allowed a website to rank well on the search engine results page (SERP).

But with the entry of new visual recognition software, the challenge will be how to use images to drive traffic to the website. Using images can build up the brand and allow companies to get a good SERP rank. You can focus your work on how to leverage the use of visual searches to your benefit. Some smart image players you should check are the Bixby Vision of Samsung, Snapchat Filters, and Pinterest. You can also check how you can use Google Lens for your online marketing campaign.

The latest developments in digital technology can drive traffic to your website. Due to this, you should stay updated and know you can use them to your advantage.

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