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Balancing Business Demands and Mental Wellness

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Forget about the tips on how you could squeeze in a week’s worth of work in a day. Forget about those busybodies who limit even the number of minutes they go to the toilet. Yes, you want to make it big, but life is about living. And living is not just about making a name for yourself or earning money you couldn’t even spend during your lifetime.

Your busy schedule is understandable. Here are some suggestions on what you can do to lessen the pressure you feel and work on your mental wellness.

Systematize your financial obligations.

So that you don’t’ keep on thinking about payments, have it at one go every month. Or you could have payments automatically deducted from your account, so you don’t even notice it. Check out payment centers that would allow you to pay for most of your financial obligations rather than having to deal with different establishments.

Don’t be afraid to go through intermediaries either. If, for example, you need to find a loan for your mortgage, rather than go through the ordeal of finding the right lender, avail of a mortgage brokerage. We often try to save money by doing things ourselves, but it’s more than likely that the time and effort we use up are worth more than what we save.

Your sleeping time should be regular.

It’s often impossible not to bring work at home, especially if you’re still climbing up the corporate world. That’s the price you have to pay for eventually becoming your own boss or for being at the top of the ladder. But you need to set a limit. At least have a decent sleep of seven to nine hours. It doesn’t matter if you plan to work throughout the day, having breakfast, lunch, and dinner on your work desk. But you need to allow the cells you overworked to recuperate.

Don’t think that sleeping in an entire day could make up for your lost sleep the entire week. Our bodies don’t work that way. Besides, if you sleep for an entire day, you will only feel sluggish when you wake up and not refreshed. On the other hand, if you get enough rest every night, you’d have enough energy the following day, and you’d be able to accomplish more. You will also have a clearer mind to make sound decisions.

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As much as possible, take the weekends off.

If you can’t, then at least have one day off in a week. Use that day to do something relaxing, something that won’t remind you of your work. You could just read a book. If you want to read about how you could be a more efficient leader, do so as long as you don’t feel pressure when you do it. It should be something fun for you. It doesn’t matter if people find it dull or laborious. What matters is that it unloads the stress that has accumulated while you were focused on your work.

Spend some time with nature.

If you could afford a two-day break from your work, spend it with nature. Nature has several benefits to our well-being. People recommend forest bathing, wherein you wander in a forest without any aim, unlike trekking where you’re following a particular route.

If you’re far from these wooded areas, you can spend some time in your garden. Transplant your overgrown succulents or make new flowerbeds. Studies say that digging into the soil and getting your hands dirty could give you a natural high. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a backyard. You can do container gardening. To feel even more accomplished, you could plant vegetables and herbs. You’d feel more proud when they finally end up on your dinner table.

We can’t deny that we’re living in a rat race. But even as we push and work hard to win, we shouldn’t forget that our lives are not just about material wealth. At the end of the day, it would mean nothing if our mental and overall wellness breaks down.

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