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10 Enjoyable Jobs to Consider as You Search for Your Next Career

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It’s important to do your best to find a career that you enjoy so that you can live your best life. This may seem hard if you don’t know of any enjoyable jobs that you could do, a reasonable issue if all you ever hear is people complaining about their jobs. That said, it’s possible to find enjoyable jobs that offer life satisfaction and give you the chance to make a living doing something that you find completely enjoyable to do. Outlined below are 10 of the most enjoyable jobs that you should think about while you search for your next career. Take a look at them so that you know the right direction in which to start searching for your next career.

1. Metal Fabricator

This first job is an amazing one to consider if you enjoy the thought of working in an industry that has a massive impact around the world. This is metal fabrication, where you can do a range of things, including working on micro machining tooling and designing stainless steel shapes. In this industry, there are a number of capacities in which you can choose to work if the industry as a whole excites you. This means that whether you prefer to be at the back end where you don’t even interact with the actual items that get fabricated, or you want to shape these things with your hands, there’s a role you can successfully fill.

To work as a metal fabricator, you’ll typically have to earn a certificate that typically takes one year to complete in a technical school. You can also get a technical diploma from a community college, or even enroll for an associate degree which will take two years to complete. With the latter, you may be able to have access to metal fabricating work that calls for more serious and complex skills, and this may also enable you to make more money in an industry that’s not about to become irrelevant.

2. Fire Sprinkler Inspector

Another one of the enjoyable jobs that you could do is to work with fire sprinkler companies as a fire sprinkler inspector. Given the sensitive nature of this job, you need to earn the relevant certification and pass a few tests. You could get this done by enrolling in an inspector training program, but you should make sure that it’s approved before you put your time and money into it. Once you pass an inspector exam and complete a background check, you need to apply for certification and then target the right employers for this job.

In general, you’ll need to have a high school diploma or its equivalent, work experience as a firefighter or in a related field, and a degree in chemistry, engineering, or fire science. These are the typical requirements that you’re going to have to meet, but other fire sprinkler companies may call for you to have additional qualities. These include going through a post-secondary educational program for emergency medical technicians, having fire inspector certification, and having fire plans examiner certificates. This makes the list of enjoyable jobs because your skills will be in high demand for the foreseeable future, and there’s little risk of working in this field.

3. Teacher

If you love to impart knowledge and get a lot of satisfaction from enriching other lives around you, one of the enjoyable jobs you may want to do is to become a teacher. Note that there are many opportunities for this depending on the specific level at which you want to teach. For instance, from preschool all the way through to high school, and whether you prefer to work with students taking public schooling or those in private schooling. There are clearly many opportunities for you to choose from, making this an amazing opportunity to think about.

4. Nurse

You may also want to become a nurse, which is another amazing job to consider doing if you love the idea of helping people. This makes it into the list of enjoyable jobs you may want to do because it gives you the chance to improve people’s health and therefore give them a better quality of life. This is also another industry in which there are many possible niches in which you may get. Even if you prefer to help people without actually interacting physically with them, you have a great chance of doing so by choosing the right designation.

If you prefer to be in the backseat, you could look into roles that call more for technical skills than anything else. One of these may be working in chemo waste services, where you’ll be responsible for the safe management of chemo waste. You could also become a pediatric nurse and work with children, something that you’re going to enjoy immensely if you have a soft spot for children. If the thought of helping young children improve their health warms your heart, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look into this career.

5. Doggie Daycare Worker

It’s not a secret that many people love dogs, and they simply can’t get enough of them. That said, the thought of working at a dog day care should be one of the enjoyable jobs on most people’s lists. While this job sounds like absolutely nothing but the best time for a good number of people, you need some skills to be able to get a job in this field. To begin with, you should at least have a high school diploma or GED and have some experience working with dogs. You also need to be 18 years or older and have a passion for animals.

You’ll notice that this is a job that calls for more soft skills than anything else, and some more of them are being familiar with different dog breeds, and the physical ability to handle larger dogs. To be chosen as one of the people that can work in a dog day care, you should also be willing and able to get training to help you handle dogs in a busy environment and use voice commands to instill basic obedience in the dogs that you deal with. The rest of the skills that you may need are going to be easy for you to attain if you’re passionate about the field. As a result, you can enjoy living your dream and help people and canines immensely.

6. Rehab Doctor

Yet another job to add to the list of the most enjoyable jobs you could do is to become a rehab doctor. This is going to work out perfectly for you if you want nothing more than to help people improve their lives by kicking negative, harmful habits. Another name for this field is physiatrist, and it calls for you to first graduate from medical school. Next, you need to complete a four-year postdoctoral training in physical medicine and rehabilitation. You’re also going to be required to complete a year of fundamental clinical skills. That said, you may have the chance to study as you work and therefore help improve people’s lives throughout.

Once you have the necessary training and certification, you can approach drug rehab centers and check to see whether they have a job opening for you. At this point, you’ll need to understand that the goal of rehabilitation is prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. As a result, you’re going to help a person maximize their independence, function, and overall quality of life. You can help many people regain their lives as they know them and, therefore, do a major service to society, one that many families are sure to thank you profusely for.

7. Digital Marketing Specialist

This list of the most enjoyable jobs that you could do would not be complete if it didn’t have a digital marketing specialist in it. That’s because, in the current age, it’s important for brands and businesses to have an online presence. When they have this, they have a much better chance of reaching more people and making a mark in society. In fact, without a digital presence, it may be extremely hard for any individual or business to reach as many people as it needs to in order to stay competitive.

With this in mind, it’s important to learn about the best digital marketing skills so that you have a chance of getting a job as a digital marketer. At the basic level, this may be a relatively new role in the job market, so the most relevant education that you could get towards it is a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or any related field. This is especially the case if your aim is to become a digital marketing manager. The skills that you need to fill this role the best way include learning about data analysis, SEO, content strategy, content marketing, competitive research, and experience with Google. You can gather these by freelancing, working as an intern, and even working on personal projects.

8. Real Estate Agent

Anyone who enjoys working in real estate will be happy to see that among the most enjoyable jobs that they could do is becoming a realtor. While you may not need a degree to become a real estate agent, there are a few trainings and certificates that you should get. Keep in mind in this case that the specific amount of pre-licensing training you may need varies from one state to the other. After putting in this time, you’ll have to sit for and pass a licensing exam and then submit an application to the real estate organization in your state.

Once this is done, you need to look for a sponsoring broker who’s going to supervise your sales. This is something that you could either do before you take the licensing exam or after you take it, depending on your preferences. If you want to specialize in a different type of real estate, you may have to earn certifications by enrolling for continuing education. When all is said and done, it’s a great idea to establish the goals that you have for your career so that you can get started and have the best chance of doing well as time goes by.

9. Event Planner

Another one of the enjoyable jobs that you may want to do is to become an event planner. If every single event that you oversee, big or small, ends up being a success, then it’s a great idea for you to look into making this your career. To be the best event planner, you’ll need to have great communication and the ability to understand your client’s needs and share ideas with them, be able to plan events within a budget, be great at time management, and be able to coordinate many vendors.

With these skills, it’s going to be a walk in the park for you to plan events for people and make money while doing so. You also need to be organized and have the ability to negotiate, since prices aren’t set in stone in this field for the most part. Additionally, you need to be able to stay calm and function under pressure, be goal-oriented and logical, and also have the ability to multitask. With some practice, you’ll be able to learn what works best and be in a position to replicate success.

10. Graphic Designer

The final item in this list of the most enjoyable jobs to do is to become a graphic designer. This will call for you to take a graphic design course so that you learn the necessary skills to make it big in this field. Familiarize yourself with as many design tools as you possibly can so that it’s easier for you to decide the ones that you’re comfortable with and good at. Finally, work on building a portfolio so that you can showcase your skills and have an easier time finding clients.

These are 10 of the most enjoyable jobs that you could do across a number of industries. Keep in mind that trends as far as jobs come and go, but what matters is what you enjoy doing the most. That said, something that someone else can’t stand to do may be the most enjoyable and fulfilling for someone else, so stay true to yourself and your needs in order to get the best outcome.

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