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Why Your Smartphone is Important for Your Career Success

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Just a decade ago, some employers saw smartphones as a distraction. Many even banned them in the workplace. But as the years rolled on, they came to see them in a new light — as advanced and sophisticated general-purpose tools. Eventually, they relaxed their restrictions on them, allowing workers to use them to their full potential.

For the career-orientated, however, there were benefits too. In this guide, we look at some reasons the smartphone became a non-negotiable for career success.

It Facilitates Remote Work

In the past, it would have seemed crazy to suggest that people could work effectively remotely. But thanks to mobile phones, the story is different. Smartphone connectivity means that employers can monitor employees in the field. And apps allow workers to get complex tasks done on the go, without having to sit down at a desktop computer.

It Allows You To Be On-Call

In many lines of work, you need to be on call to provide around-the-clock coverage to customers. Phone repair professionals, for instance, need to provide after-hours services to their patrons. The same goes for plumbers, network maintenance professionals, and even dentists.

Without mobile phones, being on-call isn’t straightforward. HQ could call your landline, but that requires sitting at home, waiting for the phone to ring, instead of having the freedom to engage in leisure activities away from the house while you wait. Mobile phones change the dynamic entirely, allowing you to enjoy your leisure time however you want, while also being connected to your work if it needs you.

It Lets You Network Wherever You Are

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LinkedIn is a powerful tool for anyone looking to advance their career. But keeping up with what’s happening on the platform is a challenge. Searching for connections and job opportunities is time-consuming.

Doing this through your PC is possible, but, of course, you can’t respond to connections immediately. You have to wait until you get home, by which point, the opportunity might have passed you by.

That’s not true, though, when it comes to smartphones. If a networking opportunity arises, you get a notification and can respond immediately. The same goes for practically any app that allows you to build relationships with others in your professional community. It’s instant.

It Hooks You Up To Job Apps With Automation Features

Job apps are becoming increasingly powerful tools. They not only provide search features, but also alerts and recommendations that make finding work easier than ever.

Imagine this: instead of searching for jobs relevant to your skills over and over (as you do on traditional job sites), you instead tell the app what you can do and then get it to feed you with suggestions. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s the reality of many smartphone apps today. And it massively takes the hassle out of the job search process. Relevant positions simply show up as notifications alongside your messages and news.

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