Feel Good Anyway

COKE: Doc Pemberton
Character Animations

HOW MANY MOVIES? 150? Yeah, OK, we can do that. The Wieden + Kennedy mothership in Portland enlisted FGA to animate a ton of short videos for their Coca-Cola Ahh-Giver Facebook campaign. Each clip is part of a modular system that allows Facebook users to send customized messages to their friends.

The star of the videos is none other than the inventor of Coke himself, Dr. John Pemberton. We loved the voice work W+K provided, and several of Pemberton’s trademark Southern-tinged expressions have found a comfortable place in the FGA studio lexicon. W+K provided the scripts, artwork, VO, and audio. Our job was to give Doc P. a bit of personality, make sure the animations fit together seamlessly, and explore various footage/color treatments.

FGA has to thank Matthew J Gamlen and Patrick Brandimore, who so graciously thought to bring FGA onboard for the project. We also have to acknowledge the inventiveness, diligence, and above average hygiene that Willie Bogue displayed during this project. Thanks, Brother Bogue.

W+K, Coca-Cola, and Facebook would be more than happy for you to click HERE
to try it out for yourself.

FGA / MATT ELLER / BILL MORRISON: creative development, design, animation
CLIENT: Wieden+Kennedy
PRODUCER: Patrick Brandimore