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TMBG: The Elements
Music Video

MOLECULES AND CHEMICAL ELEMENTS are the focus of this video for They Might Be Giants' upcoming DVD, "Here Comes Science." FGA's retention of Junior High chemistry was totally inadequate, so we hit the books and dialed up an expert (Eric Siegel of the New York Hall of Science) to help us create a molecular model that would please both the kids and their fact-loving science teachers. Our hybrid version combines new, more complex/random electron orbits with a Bohr-esque simplified nucleus. We then added some really cute faces for the ultimate in scientific accuracy.

OVER A MILLION YOUTUBE VIEWS, shown in science classrooms from sea to shining sea and then included in Stash 62. AWESOME.


OTHER THINGS WE NEEDED TO SHOW: how some elements combine to form familiar substances, others that 'stand alone as they are,' a Periodic Table 'like a box of paints,' and a lot of other big ideas about very small things.

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Science Intro

ALSO, we did this loosely related blast of cuteness that will be used as the introduction on the DVD.

FGA: creative direction, research, illustration, animation, edit
PERSONNEL: Matt Eller, Bill Morrison
CLIENT: They Might Be Giants