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Showtime Free Preview

OMG ITS SHOWTIME FOR FREE. Back in 2010, We were asked to develop a series of spots to promote Showtime's "2010 Free Preview" events. It came out so nicely that they asked us back for another whirl. This season's Free Preview event needed to incorporate the design elements from Showtime's new brand direction--most notably NO RED and MORE DIN, which we were totally cool with. Also, they wanted something classy as hell, so we spent a few days shooting lighting effects in house, and then layering these components into the lovely swirl of pixels you see here. No lense flare plugins, or nuthin', man--just a couple of dudes with a camera making purdy shiny things. FGA drove the editorial style and directed the music track, once again ably orchestrated by Joel Pickard of Hatfarm. The team at Showtime has since taken the system and created a jillion versions, thanks in some small part to our style guide, but probably more to the discerning guidance of SHO CD Christina Black.


Showtime Free Preview

FGA: creative development, design, cinematography, animation, edit, color work
PERSONNEL: Matt Eller, Bill Morrison, Lee Schulz
DESIGN/TYPOGRAPHY (2010): Kristina Mueller
AUDIO: Hatfarm
CLIENT: Showtime Networks
CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Christina Black and Richard Cohn