Feel Good Anyway

FX: The League
Graphics Package (Season 4)

TWICE NOW, we've worked on the graphics package for the FX Network series "The League," a comedy about a group of friends and their cutthroat fantasy football league. These graphics reflect the show's humor and the characters' ruthless behavior as they scheme and connive, fighting each other to see who will become the fantasy league champion. The finished packages contain a truckload of smash-mouth action footage as well as a how-to kit so that FX's in-house animators and editors can create their own customized mayhem.

THANKS to Creative Director Albert Romero and Art Director Amie Nguyen at FX for the spot-on direction and for giving us the opportunity to work on such a fun/challenging project.

Graphics Package (Season 3)

FOR SEASON THREE, it seemed pretty obvious to us that these characters behaved more than a bit like the game pieces used in one of the cherished games of our youth, electric football. Okay, we never cherished electric football. Why? Because it sucked. It never worked. As kids, we never understood how a bunch of tiny figurines buzzing randomly around a metal game board to the ear-splitting sound of an electric vibrating motor had anything to do with the game of football.

Sidenote: There's a large community of grown men who would disagree with our opion of EF. They make their own boards that don't sound like satanic hair clippers, lovingly carve and paint the actual game characters, and even have leagues with brusing head-to-head competition. Even better, their games kind of work. Kudos, nerds.

FGA / MATT EllER / BILL MORRISON: creative development, research,
custom tiny fellas, design, animation, typography
FONT: Homestead by Luke Lisi @ Lost Type.
CLIENT: FX Networks
MANAGER, ON-AIR: Michael Perez